Submissions open from 2021-04-14 05:00:00 to 2021-04-28 05:00:00
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We provide the soundtrack, you make the game.

OST Jam is a non-competitive game jam with the goal to inspire new ways of approaching game development through music.  At the start of the jam, a collection of music will be shared (provided by up-and-coming and experienced musicians in the Two Hour Album Challenge community). All that remains is making a game inspired by the music!

The goal of this jam is to have a chill, safe environment for developers to try something new based off unlikely inspiration. When you listen to the music do you hear a dungeon theme? Or the backdrop to a text adventure in space? Or possibly a crazy abstract boss rush? Or maybe the background music to a tabletop game? It's up to you!

OST Jam Details

Rules: You must use one or more of the provided songs in your project. You must also post your jam project as a free download and attribute the musician for the songs you used.

Safe for Work: This jam is rated PG. Refrain from including adult content or explicit material. We want this to be a positive and inclusive experience for everyone.

Discord: Join the Abstractionauts Discord ( if you want to chat with others participating in the OST Jam.

File Format: Music will be provided as OGG format in a ZIP file. Some songs may be rendered as loops, but others may be the full song.

Music License: This music is licensed by the contributing artists to be used with attribution solely for the game jam. If you wish to continue your project after the jam, contact info is included for each artist so you can chat and work out expanded licensing permissions. 

Background artwork from ArtBreeder

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