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Thanks for adding the mac build :) It'd be nice to have variable jump height, so I could hold spacebar for a long jump, or just tap it for a small hop (would be useful in that area after first checkpoint for example). Movement is a bit slippery, a bit more friction would be nice for tighter controls, as well as slightly faster turn speed maybe? The 'game over' ui isn't scaling to fit the screen size. If I play at 1280x720 for example, it's pretty much completely cut off.
Anyway, thanks for the game, very challenging!

No thank you for mentioning it.

Everything I did in this game was new to me, so the time was over before I could start tweeking the numbers and change the movement a little to make it feel better. Your the first that realized how weird the jump is. It would be a lot better with a mario jump ^^

Thanks for playing, and for your feedback :)