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The short answer is:

  • Be involved in the community, interact with others, help people asking questions. This might not be about you, but people will get to know you.

  • Share progress on social media. Every time you have something to share, show pictures, screenshots, unfinished content. Every start is slow, keep doing it for a few months, and you will slowly get some people interested.

  • Participate in jams, at least if can take criticism. People will look at your project and rate it based on others they’ve played.

There’s plenty more ways, but hopefully the ones I mentioned above will help on how to approach the next step.

Thanks so much for the great advice. I think I've got at least social medial somewhat covered, but I could definitely get better at that as well. As for community interaction, I guess I have to admit it has been quite one sided - I post stuff and hope that people will notice. I seldom reach out to others or discuss things in forums. Jams are fun, but kind of intense - I have participated in a few and it's been interesting for sure.