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This is pretty neat!  I'd never read the comic this is based on before, and I like your take on it.  It's actually really cool to be able to walk around a 3d space and see money costs stacked into piles, from mundane regular things to events to people--it's great!  And it's actually a lot more approachable than the comic, at least to me.

I do have a few suggestions, though.  Most of these for after the jam:

--It really looks like the money is a looping texture on the top, and it cuts off, removing the realism at points.  Can this be fixed?

--I don't know if seeing the object the money represents (say, having a person standing on top of the money that represents) would be better or worse.  It's something to consider.

--I like all your ways to expand this game that you wrote in the description (except for the zombies--I know that's probably a joke, but still).

Nice job on this. :)

Thanks Naomi!

Yes, I can fix the money texture. I've already got the code for making meshes and assigning UVs, I was just using a worldspace triplanar shader to get something up and running quickly, and didn't find the time to redo it. That's top of the list for changes, but I'm waiting til after the judging's over.

I'll probably add portraits, for some visual variety as well as a sense of scale, but I'm not planning to make 3D models of any of the people. Although... I'm writing a procedural character generator for another project, so that might be an option. Hmm...