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Hi, I'm here to reporting a bug I found in the game.


I used the explosive vials in one of the fallen fortress near the entrance. This is the area with two fallen fortress near the entrance. I tried to enter the area, but I can't even go to the left. For some reason, there is an invisible wall on that left area which makes me uncapable to procees. I'm curious if I'm the only one with this issue.

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Encountered the same problem recently on that rubble pile too. Tried the vial on the nearby rubble  pile (the one in front of the starting point) and found out what the issue is - the tiny smoke animation appears to be the part of the event, so it is counted as an unpassable tile. Simple solution - move that "rubble" event down one tile. In case Miro would like to make smoke animation passable, I'd suggest  him to make it a separate, "move through tiles" event.

Yup! Thanks for letting me know! I'm surprised all these passability problems slipped under my radar.

Hey I forgot to mention is there a way to make love with the girl implemented yet? I'm sorta curious to see what might happen if you do.