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It contains only .exe file which is Windows executable. 

I'm done with another game Jam now I got time to figure this out. If you have some time on yourself could you help me out?
Can you open the windows version? If not, what kind of file type do you need? Its supposed to work but - I guess Im doing something wrong - I dont know what to look for.

linux executable exported from unity will have ".x86" or ".x86_64".

Some additional info found here:

But you don't have to do it because of me its fine if you dont have time for that :)

No its actually vice versa :D You dont have to help me :) I do this, because this wont be the last game I make. And they should definetly work on all platforms that I think they would work on. Thanks for your help!

I now uploaded a Linux version, please tell me if it works.

No, you're still packaging the .exe file and not ".x86" or ".x86_64"

ya I made a stupid mistake now it should work XD


Yay! it works now :) and its a fun game :) thank you

Thank you so much for your patience and time! And thank you for playing :)