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maybe it has something to do with you declaring the game unplayable because of download size and nothing to do with the game play.

I am given to understand that people usually frown on that kind of thing. Not that I am any kind of expert mind.

never said it was unplayable, was looking for help in the comments on how to properly download it signaling I cant because the file was to large at the time (found another way to get it eventually)


We've added a note to the download section regarding the size.

How did you manage to download the game? I will add a page to our wiki about it to prevent other people from having the same problem.

I think when I hit your download button, I hit the Wrong button, then I did it a few more times with no success, then after those few times I tried 1 more time and for some reason, idk how, it worked and it downloaded way quicker than all the other ones. Not sure how that works, not much advice their either lol.