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I have a follow up question. Did you ever figure out how to get the game to plug into an outside software midi synthesizer?

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Outside Xtra just recommended Super Pilot for people who want an experience similar to F-Zero.

I have made a place on personality database for the characters that appear in this game.

Did it work pretty much the same in both the version that runs on your engine and the original PC version? That would imply that there are oggs burred in my executable that binwalk didn't find and there is no software synthesis actually happening. 

For a better part of a decade I been captivated by the progressive rock in Bible Black. I desire to make my own music that sounds authentic for the series. There isn't a sf2 file for the game yet and I don't know how to how to feed the game more midi files so I don't have a workflow or a way to interface with a digital audio workstation yet.

Can I get a non-steam version? I don't want to agree to the Steam Terms of Service.

How much does a Digital Restrictions Management free version cost? I only want that one.

Yet another game to get banned in China.

Ironically does not have a GNU/Linux port, yet.

Does this game work in Wine?

Can you change the url to the game from to without breaking things?

For some reason I can't buy Chicken Assassin with Paypal, why is that?

Why doesn't paypal work for this game?

This game is pretty expensive, is there a demo for it?

Zero-K has that for commanders, the unit you start with, and you an build unit formations with any unit you want. Do you want some kind of mainline unit that you can build or do you want a morphable strider or something else?

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If you have 8GB of RAM and a OpenGL core profile version string: 4.5 I am sure you can run the game on Ultra. I haven't experimented yet to find the minimum.

How did you manage to download the game? I will add a page to our wiki about it to prevent other people from having the same problem.