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why can i see colors if my eyes are lasers?


Mr Blub for President!

5/7 people died in surgeries today.

I have discovered endgame content.

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After some long and interesting grinding I have finally managed to unlock February. It fills me with a sense of pride and accomplishment to have come this far and I can only recommend the experience to everyone else. Can't wait to buy my way into March next.

There should have been a disclaimer for the included pay to win mechanics. Don't play if you aren't willing to pay.


We've added a note to the download section regarding the size.


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The standard install is 1.6 GB. That contains the game, most common maps and the tutorial missions. 

If you play online, the Matchmaker map pool is another 540 MB. You will probably end up trying out some more of the hundreds of available maps anyway, so I'd recommend to allocate at least 4GB.

Keep in mind that this is a full 3D RTS game and those graphics don't come out of thin air ;)