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i cant find anywhere when the game will be avail, just a pre order for it with no date


It was originally delayed to this December, though it sounds like it may be delayed again based on the below comment.

So lets say Q3/Q4 2019 <3

dear and for those who paid already can we get the money back and buy it when the game is out or wait for a year or 2

Just so we're clear, I was joking about the 2019 thing. It hasn't even been confirmed that there will be a delay.

Besides, my understanding was that the price is going to go up at release, so you'd just end up paying more regardless.

thanks god for that and thank you for your kind reply

the game is going to be worth the wait! Theres no other intricate interactive romance game like this. IMO, better to have the best game we can get even if it takes more time. rushing it might make the quality be not as good as it can be :) 

Couldn't agree more bout that ^^


I will post another update with new release date announcement + ways to get your refund.