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Can we please get an update even if its just a verbal update on the status. Please and Thank you!!

Can I get a explanation on the negotiations like Ive kinda started making a guide for my own use for future play and chirpy just accepted it feels criminal and I think cowboy went as low as 100G while others won't take less than 50% is there rhyme or reason for this madness LMAOOOOO 

to be fair it doesn't let me check which version it is, so it might be updating without me see it?! but I ran into the overnight date issues last night and checked and saw there was an updated version so I manually installed it and it fixed it.

Also is it because its a beta but Im having to install each version/update from scratch hopefully can figure out a update feature... the app lets me check for updates but tells me its up to date when it isnt. Not your issue just kinda thinking out loud lmao.

Sooo freaking excited!!!!

I really hope this game doesnt get buried under the new game in development Im eagerly waiting a new route since moochas.

Ahhhh Finn!! Can't wait your games are for real amazing compared to most BL games since they involve actual play not just visual novel games.

I'm still waiting on the full banana ranch why you tease me like this....shut up and take my money how can you make such lit BL games!!

Overnight dates are consuming 2 full days, I get cut scene on Sunday, then see the harvesting chibis on Monday then it cuts to a black screen with the dating dialog/touch and gift options and only shows background/characters when I select touch. Also, the gold ingot now has like 10 spots on the crafting table, I have to scroll past them all to find the other items.

Is there a way to buy access to the beta after I bought the 29.99 preorder?

i already pre-order but is there a way to get access to beta if i just pay the difference.

For the pants if I buy like a lot of them say 4 from every store only the first 4 or so pairs show there's an arrow for me to scroll to another page but it doesn't work, I've try to duplicate the white/grey check screen for the last 30 mins and now it's not doing it for me either maybe it was a weird glitch that fixed itself if it shows again I will take a screen shot, while I was testing for that though I found another foreplay issue with toru the action buttons don't scroll and messes up butt play I took screenshots of that if u have a email you would like me to send them too.

Oh but also THANK YOU so much for making it mobile and also not requiring a second purchase!!!

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Some errors I've seen since update, in Tocchan route anytime I touch/lick his butt the nude realistic vibrator is there I don't even own it 😂. Also if I get an to many pants I can only see 1 page of them. And randomly the screen during foreplay will just go like grey/white checkered it's happened on all routes and completely random.

now I just gotta replay and unlock CGs but thinking i'll wait for guide and voices!! 

mines the same i figure its their bad endings?

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no problem keep up the great work and thank you for such a great game!! but uh since I have you here lol can you verify that kei is the only route that requires you dont win so I know not to use fame cheat on him, thanks.

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has fudanshis birthday been fixed to a non-sunday yet?

i seriously wish this becomes a thing

lol i was thinking the same thing too

just got to the fireworks with hikaru its def worth it to save and try both way ;) Im going with MC as bottom but MC as top with him was def hotter

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shiba loved the chocolate ALOT and shuu likes the Tshirt too

ya they said late dec/jan for the voice release, they probably just got tired of people (myself included) bitching about release lol

Thanks for the feedback I'll keep  that in mind any ideas of combos to use to get the juicy CGS i've gotten a few by doing things 3 times in a row but im sure theres more

just a quick question I feel bad using the comment section here like a forum but.. When talking to fudanshi in the park about switching roles he specifically mentions letting the take the lead in the bedroom and in daily life, but ive seen no way to let them take control besides just skipping the heart icon, plus ive been through 3 guys now, shuu, shiba and toru and even though i've gotten them all to dominate i still feel very much in control  loved shiba when drunk wish when they are dominate and your the bottom its more like that maybe im doing something wrong but I dont see any difference between dom/sub personalities when in foreplay mode..

lmao yep preeetty interesting scene there >.<


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requirement for award? , trying to decided if i need to focus on jobs or other content 1/2 through year., also My game is now skipping days by itself with the latest update i haven't selected skip days at all but all of a sudden im jumping 5 days and missing events i missed my planetarium date😢

so far loving it, but there need to be like a help ledger i feel completely lost about gaining certain skills also the date outfits are a bit glitchy it has like a blank person with ??? Do certain guys like certain clothes and help you gain pts faster and whats the blue in the heart im wooing the heck outta shuu and its like mostly red with a bit of blue its end of may and i just got crush that to slow? Im trying to balance everything and i saw you said shuu needs max money what does that mean?

no offense but i think its kind of crappy that the people who pre order the game at a lower price have to just keep waiting or process a return and then pay more to have access to the beta when the whole point of pre ordering it was to have the discounted prices and were loyal to you from the start of your campaign I missed the kickstarter but i've been following you for more than a year now..

i cant find anywhere when the game will be avail, just a pre order for it with no date

did they do a complete overhaul on character designs because my game looks nothing like this, i like the version I have but its confusing when DLing

thank you for explaining it a bit more for me :)

so like was this never completed? It was a really good demo I'd love to see it played through.

why are creeds eyes colored does he have a soul mate, maybe im not far enough in yet... I feel bad "stealing" someones soulmate though...