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no offense but i think its kind of crappy that the people who pre order the game at a lower price have to just keep waiting or process a return and then pay more to have access to the beta when the whole point of pre ordering it was to have the discounted prices and were loyal to you from the start of your campaign I missed the kickstarter but i've been following you for more than a year now..

i cant find anywhere when the game will be avail, just a pre order for it with no date

did they do a complete overhaul on character designs because my game looks nothing like this, i like the version I have but its confusing when DLing

thank you for explaining it a bit more for me :)

so like was this never completed? It was a really good demo I'd love to see it played through.

why are creeds eyes colored does he have a soul mate, maybe im not far enough in yet... I feel bad "stealing" someones soulmate though...