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Some errors I've seen since update, in Tocchan route anytime I touch/lick his butt the nude realistic vibrator is there I don't even own it ๐Ÿ˜‚. Also if I get an to many pants I can only see 1 page of them. And randomly the screen during foreplay will just go like grey/white checkered it's happened on all routes and completely random.

What do you mean by "many pants I can only see 1 page of them"? Also, when is it "grey/white checkered" happen in exact? I can't seem to reproduce bugs for these two. 

For the pants if I buy like a lot of them say 4 from every store only the first 4 or so pairs show there's an arrow for me to scroll to another page but it doesn't work, I've try to duplicate the white/grey check screen for the last 30 mins and now it's not doing it for me either maybe it was a weird glitch that fixed itself if it shows again I will take a screen shot, while I was testing for that though I found another foreplay issue with toru the action buttons don't scroll and messes up butt play I took screenshots of that if u have a email you would like me to send them too.

Ah, okay I get it for the pants one. 

For the screenshots, you can send it to