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Hmm, I can't seem to use any of the listed keys to jump. I can't tell if it's a browser issue or not unfortunately.

Nice! The game has some real Megaman BN vibes that I dig. You may want to reword the four dotted card to "Attacks the front row." It took me a moment to figure out what was happening with it. 
Regardless, keep up the good work!

Interesting! Just so you know it also runs on windows 7.

I'm honestly astonished by the quality so far. It's quite impressive and It'll be interesting to see where you guys go from here.

The game quite enjoyable so far. I do have some critiques to what you have so far if you don't mind me sharing. (If you don't I guess this is where you'd stop reading this comment.)

From what I've seen so far of the setting it looks like your going a high fantasy post medieval era. It's actually really nice to see fantasy taken to places outside of the middle ages, however there's some confusion as to how advanced society is as a whole (at least to me).  This isn't a problem, however you may want to lay out exactly what your society is technologically capable of before hand and work in those details throughout the story when appropriate (or necessary). This should help keep players immersed into the story as sudden introductions of (perceived) advanced technologies  can easily break it.

It also should help prevent issues where you have technologies juxtaposed to more advanced ones that seemingly obsolete them for no explainable reason. An example of this is actually the horse and carriage when compared to the tent. From what was explained in-game, the tent basically allows for near instant transportation from one point to another regardless of distance. If that's the case, why did Silas need to take a week long buggy trip through potentially dangerous area? Why wouldn't anyone take this seemingly much safer route in that case? Why wouldn't merchants/kingdoms make teleportation networks for trading and military purposes? Would highwaymen really be successful enough in such a world where they'd actually resort to it? On an unrelated note, these questions have the potential to lead to some generally interesting questions about the characters and the setting,

As for the characters, I actually really like them so far. I'm looking forward to learning more about them. As a side question, is choosing your major the same as choosing what route your on? If that's the case you probably need to make that clear when it actually starts to matter.

Anyway, yeah! I'm interested to see where this goes from here.

This is a really cute game! Normally I'm a bit skeptical about relationship-based games with self-insert characters, but so far it works rather well. The fact that the game constantly asks you how you feel and gives you a varied range of responses DESPITE it mostly not affecting the narrative works in a way I never expected it to. Good job  and keep it up!!

There seems to be a glitch where you can't exit the game via the esc. The menu does pop out, but you can't confirm either the exit map or quit game options.

Interesting to say the least! Though a small bit of critisim. The story so far is rather stuck in the main character's head. Having the main character tell the players how they think or feel isn't a bad thing per say, but it's one of those things that can really bog the story down if your not careful. The story is already kind of exposition heavy right now, so adding the additional internal musing kind of slows the pace down a bit too much. It's fine if you want to make a main character that is thoughtful, just make sure that the main character gets pulled out of his own head fairly regularly. In fact it could make for some good character dynamics if you want to pursue it.

Interesting game. Though I will say that using the mouse for it was kind of odd. Especially since rapidly tapping on your mouse is probably bad for the hardware. 

For future games I would also suggest rewarding the player after they completing milestones. Seeing as how this game allows you to play any level you want, it's not a huge deal. But in future games you may want to add a level unlock system, in which case it'll be necessary for the player to get something out of it.

Regardless, it'll be interesting to see where you go from here.

I see Stewy finally got tired of how slow the programing has been going and started to make a new game!
Joking aside, the project looks nice!

Hmm, so my post intending to compliment you guys on your work has taught me about a controvesty. Was not expecting that twist.

Can I just say I'm rather impressed with the quality of the writing in this game. I don't know how much of it is based on the old game, but anyone who worked on it deserves praise. This is a pretty neat project. It's actually a shame your not making any money on it.  I wish you all luck.

On an unrelated note, the old game had a human protag correct? What inspired you to change him into a fox? 

Really quick question. So I came to the part right before I had to launch the firework and the game is telling me I'm missing something. I for the life of me cannot figure out what it is!! The factory is closed, I can't find anyone in parliment, the mansion in the beginning of the game is empty. I don't know what I need to do.
Any ideas?
Also, this door leads to the mansion dungeon for some reason....

My! I was not expecting such a detailed response!!! Even the underwear question I added as a joke got answered~XD

But yeah, I agree that adding that info to the prologue would have been a bad idea. Alot of really compilcated ideas kinda got shoved in the beginning so I probably would have been overwhelmed with the additional info. 

Regardless the project still seems promising. I'm looking forward to it!!

Interesting project I stumbled onto....a week before it finished nonetheless!! I'm kinda curious though, is this supposed to be an erotic horror game? It kinda feels like that's where this is going.

On a side note, is the game going to explain the setting more? I basically understand what's happening but I'm a little fuzzy about a few things, like where we are, how far away are we from the nuke site, why did the assassinated king like charcol panties so much, etc.

Wow, you know I haven't looked into Grand Damasu in a really long time! I wonder if their were any updates I didn't..........EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT!!! When and  why did this happen?!?!?!?! 

Joking aside, I was not expecting this at all. This game changed alot more than expected, not that it's a bad thing. Hope everything is good on your end.

Neat. Though I kinda miss the Juju joke that was removed from the start. I also kinda didn't like how the scene where Boyfriend sees you naked was changed. It kinda feels wierd to me that a fully grown adult would react like that to being seen in their underwear. ESPECIALLY if the main character was male.

Dumb question. Is the 5 dollars a preorder for the full game,  or just the price of the current patreon demo? I'm assuming the latter, but I thought I'd make sure.

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So I seem to have found this a little bit late. Is there anyway I can preorder/back this project at this point?

Unless it's going to take you over three months to get the money you'd probably be better off just saving till you can afford it. The price was just raised recently and I really can't see it going $30+ anytime soon. 

They may need to finish said routes before they give you an accurate estimation. You'd probably also be better off asking about the number of words per route.

Just so we're clear, I was joking about the 2019 thing. It hasn't even been confirmed that there will be a delay.

Besides, my understanding was that the price is going to go up at release, so you'd just end up paying more regardless.

It was originally delayed to this December, though it sounds like it may be delayed again based on the below comment.

So lets say Q3/Q4 2019 <3

So it just occurred to me that Mr. Boyfriend can become a hit man. I'm not sure how you guys are going to play this out, but on the surface it seems like it may be a bit too dark and gritty. The same could be said for drug dealer I guess, but that one isn't quite as bad compared to the former.

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I'm just going to make this topic since there isn't really a topic where such posts make sense... 


Anyway this demo was more entertaining than I thought it'd be.  I originally thought the MC was a little too ...bitchy for a lack of a better word, but they have some small charm to them. I do feel like you guys are going to  have a somewhat hard time making this character not seem scummy though.

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I'm quite interested how your going to make "sexy (r17) scenes" without showing the MC in any capacity.

I'm not sure why this sounds so aggressive in my head. It's not supposed to be negative in any regard.

Okay, to start: Sorry. doesn't tell me when someone responds to my posts, so I had no idea this post was made. 

As for how long the demo should be: I can't answer that.

While my statement of "It's too short" is very accurate, it really didn't encapsulate what was wrong. In the demo you meet the two love interests, meet your sister and friend(?)/Neighbor(?) Then something happens....and that's it. 

I have no idea what either the plot or genre is. (It seems magical, but alot of genre's can be magical)

I don't really know who any of the characters are outside small character traits. 

You  need to develop these ideas a little bit more before I can really say anything constructive or otherwise. I will say you should probably have us go into the head of the main character a bit more. I am going to be looking into the world through his eyes after all. It'd be nice to know what kind of 'lens' he is.

It might look interesting? Honestly the demo is a little too short to really get anything from. I'd like to give feedback, but It'd be impossible to.

Still wish you luck on this endeavor.