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Hey. So… did you intentionally write a remark about the game that exactly resembles the rude ones brought up in this post? That's a pretty hurtful thing to do, and if you didn't mean to I hope you'll think more about the possible impact of your comments in the future.

I have no trouble believing that the games you mentioned were positively received. I'd argue all of them are very aesthetically palatable and were never likely to be subject to the kind of treatment talked about here. For hundreds of games I've seen on this site, just scrolling to the comments is enough to reveal an embedded YouTube video where the title or thumbnail alone shows that it's capitalising on how weird/messed up the game is. Even when it's done so in an appreciative way,  some people lament the shallow nature of this kind of criticism, and I'd find it pretty sad if it became the default way of reacting to unconventional art.

I tried to be as repectful as possible in my post, but if something about it was hurtful, then I apologise.

I put some of my own thoughts about the game into it, and I don't know if I really enjoyed it, just because of how the whole thing felt like a acid trip and made my head hurt.

But I just want to say that I watched one stream from a channel called Vinesauce (I don't know if it's one of the streamers you bring up or not) and the streamer seemed rather confused by the game, but the people watching were rather torn about it: some hated it and called it pretentious, some people enjoyed it and understood it's message, and some had to quit watching because they were going through similiar things and it was too "real" for them.

I believe when you say that content creators use games like yours to be like "Hey guys check out this crazy game OMG who made this rofl lmao", and I understand that it may you feel hurt, but at the same time when something like this game gains a lot of attention, it's very likely that people will start talking trash about it.

I'm not very good at writing stuff like this, I'm a really akward person. But I hope that everything will go well for you, and that you won't let rude things people say get to you.

Thank you for your time.

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hi sergiocornaga, thank you for this comment. Someone reported the previous (rude) one but I’m leaving it up because it illustrates my point, and irony is a great thing.

just wanted to thank you for saying something supportive. ❤️