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thank you for the kind words. it means a lot that this was your takeaway.
and that is very kind of you, yes, i'm in a better place. :)

 🤣... 😭

there was a software party, and windows defender wasn't invited. windows defender still showed up tho and things got out of hand, and then mean things where said, some programs where wrongfully accused, and now windows defender holds a grudge against this game. "virus" is kind of not a nice thing to call any program imo.

omg thank you so much for the kind words! i'm really touched that it's meant this to you. it means a lot. take care!!  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

thanks for the mention!!! ❤️

thank you!

thank you! ❤️ happy you liked it! :D


thank you for the kind words! i'm happy that you liked it. :)

This is so cool, thank you!!   ❤️

Still working on figuring that out, but I think yes.

omg thank you! this means a lot. i'm happy that it meant this to you.  ❤️


thank you! this means a lot and makes me very happy. ❤️

Hi, i just went through it and put this together (from page 22):
hope you find the sound that you're looking for  ❤️
and thank you so much for the kind words!

Yes. The survey is what protects you from this very harsh punishment.

The lol police are no laughing matter.
(haha a pun! ok sorry)

Thank you for the kind words, and I'm touched that you really got into it. This means a lot. I'm happy that you found it meaningful. ♡

Thank you that means a lot, take care!!  ♡♡♡♡

thank you for the kind words! i'm touched that it has meant this to you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for the thank you's. :) Appreciate it.  ♡

yes everyone can use this. yes.

Thank you for the kind words! This means a lot  ❤ ♡

lol thank you for playing and making a video! have a nice day.  ♡

aah  ☺️ thank you! so happy you like it!  ❤️


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you have to email them and ask them to enable custom css... then it's all just a bunch of css animations or however you customize the page. i haven't checked if they have an official place that tells you about all the different page elements/classes but you can just use the dev toolbar to go through the page and find the names to all the id's and classes (it's super basic, just plain simple css, nothing fancy). the fire is actually the header set to the bottom of the page with the index changed... just stuff like that. also lol i found out that you can keep uploading images through the background image upload, and save the url to those images, and then use those images in the css (don't have to keep them as a background, just use that part as a way of uploading more images to use in your css)... at least that seems to work.

you are very welcome!

i appreciate the effort it took you all to comment. thank you for joining this windmill of good comments.

thank u! ☺️


This is not a virus. I would never do that to people. I made this with the intention of making something cute that would make people laugh.

Whoever spread this rumor about it is mislead or not being nice.

there is no progress saving, it doesn't matter

thank you! happy you liked it  ❤️

thank you!! :D
the files for the music are included in the MISC > OST > DIY folder when you download the game. There are extras in the MISC folder and audio is one of them...
tho most all of the audio is procedurally assembled so that's why it's in a DIY folder, unless there are better ways of releasing soundtracks that are procedural.

NP! Happy you are interested. Also @moshboy on Twitter is really cool source to follow. Totally forgot that one. If u ever have questions u can also twitter message me @alienmelon and I’ll be happy to help.

Hi! Thank you!

Here's a small list of some places, and people, that are contributing valuable insights or work to the discussion. I mean, there is a lot, but these are a good place to start. does great roundups of the best of insights about games, and more nuanced discussion.

Liz Ryerson's writing is really good
her twitter is great to follow:
also her "Beyond The Filter" podcast is super insightful (totally recommend this):

Lana Polansky's writing is good too:

Leigh Alexander's older commentary on games is still super relevant and amazing. She's very following on twitter too:

Some other awesome people to follow (there are many, but this is off the top of my head)...
They make good work, or have contributed valuable things to "the discourse" and other stuff: (often has interesting threads with good food for thought) (valuable commentary + work) (sometimes has good writing)


Enough people have asked that I am going to put it under serious consideration. I can't promise anything tho because I know 0 about linux and only have a general idea of what that would entail. Thank you for asking!
I love that there are so many linux people out there that it would get asked this often. :)

Thank you for these wonderful words! This means a lot to me. Also appreciate you sharing how you felt about it. This gives me a lot to think about.
I think I vaguely remember you. Hi again!
Lol ya that particular space seemed to run very counterproductive to something like this. It is very interesting but probably something that’s going to start coming up more and more as games like this become more common (emotional and vulnerable topics)... We’ll probably have to start giving a lot more thought to properly representing games in the spaces they are curated in. Appreciate some of the discussion that spurred around this topic. It’s been very interesting.

Thank you tho! I am happy that you liked the “game”. ❤️☺️

mobile version has come up a lot, and while making it i did design around mobile (on the basic level) so it would be easy to port. it would not be very hard for me to do, but i know that the guidelines for the mobile stores would very likely not allow this "game".
it's breaking too many of their rules. especially the use of old computer UI's.
i would have to aesthetically change too much, so i'm very skeptical if this would even be allowed on.
i would love to tho, but i have not had much luck with putting my stuff on the App Store (or Google Play).