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Yay thank you for making a video! this is very cool.

This is so sweet and wholesome! I love it :D

Like on the itch page? It's a full screen animated gif. The CSS for it is here:
(If that's what you mean lol)

thank you!

the Bitsy in the last gif is the one that's featured inside the actual Unreal game (it's in the demo).

this is amazing that's like 6 whole minutes no joke :O


i'm sorry that you are experiencing this. it's awful to go through something like this. thank you for standing up to him. even if you can't see it through i hope you are proud of yourself because it does make a difference to even just try... and if you do, you are amazing either way. either way you are the person who has that courage.
please take care. i wish you a lot of strength and hope. (and fuck that lawyer)

This one is very cool! I loved the background artwork in the spaces.

Thank you for this recommendation. I’ll definitely check it out. These games look compelling.

I got some beautiful game suggestions after publishing this, and very much appreciate people’s generosity in sharing all that. These look beautiful too!

wow omg thank you for these recommendations. these are stunning. i can't wait to dig in.
and thank you for your comment too. your curation work is always inspiring.

lol this is hilarious. i keep knocking down buildings to see what the person would say. i love how everything is voiced and like i'm bumbling around and there's this silly commentary that left me manically grinning the entire time. damn those premiums tho what a shame it's a rough life owning mega giant killer robots.

thank you for these kind words. this means a lot 🥹 

i’m sorry to hear that :( i hope u grow another soon

thank you so much for confirming that. it's good to know that "work computer" made it work. i need to fix that UX issue because i think a lot of people have issues running it since they choose the higher options when "work computer" is for them. it helps to have that confirmed. thank you!

are you stuck in the main menu? you move left/right with your mouse (the little light sprite) and click on "Start". things that are clickable get highlighted... after that it's keyboard and mouse (like any first person game).

the demo is going to be up for a very long time since it's not anywhere near done... i aim to (hope) to also be able to support Linux and macOS in the future since that's supported by Unreal.

Thanks for letting me know. I put out a fix for this. I put close buttons [x] in all the UI's now that aren't linked to the thing popping up so that they close right away without a hang.

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thank you!!! 😭 omg i cannot express how much this means to hear, especially rn the timing is a blessing. hearing things like this encourages me to keep going. making this type of art is what i love doing the most out of life and all i want to do. i hope for the new thing i am working on to hold up and be as meaningful as this.

it was hard to work on it. making art that is “different” is scary, but knowing people like you exist out there that love it like this makes it absolutely worth it. thank you!! 😭🙏🥰

did you even read the post? just because i’m saying online spaces could benefit from less toxicity does not mean i am “forcing everyone” to be more kind.

This is amazing for a first game. It's visually beautiful and atmospheric. Playing two characters this way made it intriguing, especially in the type of eerie environment you created. I wish there was more. Beautiful work!

This is incredible. The scope, polish, atmosphere, story... and the way it follows the theme is impeccable. It's beautifully done!

Wow this is amazing. I love how you incorporated the theme, and had the courage to do something in 3D. You pulled this off wonderfully. Well done!

this is amazing. i love how you incorporated the theme into this. it's interesting, a well designed concept, and just difficult enough. well done!

this is beautiful. i love how you incorporated the theme and how well you merged puzzle with platformer. it's beautiful to play and very unique.

thank you for the kind words! your Olly the Butterfly zines are beautiful! and adorable… made me smile. i added them to the “made in electric zine maker” collection too.

omg thank you for the kind words and such a thoughtful comment about the Electric Zine Maker. it means a lot that this was your experience with it because that’s exactly what the program was intended to do.

i loved your little zine! thank u for sharing.

to get it enabled all you have to do is email support and ask

this is so cool! thank you for sharing. i’m glad you all had a good time.

🔥🔥yes because🔥 the 🔥comment section is actually 🔥hell 🔥🔥

this is so cute! i love the little story about ~it~
yes i added this. thank you for sharing!!

thank you!

your zine is very cool! i added it to the “made in ezm” collection.

Omg this is amazing!!!

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yay! this is wonderful. thanks for sharing it. i added it to the “made in ezm” collection ☺️

lol this comment made my day thank u xD i’m glad u enjoyed a jump scare from it.

yay thank u!!

i’m looking into this… do you have any security programs installed like Avast? are you sure this is Windows 10 and not 11? i’m running on Windows 10 and can’t recreate the issue so i’m assuming it’s either a different version the problem happens on or it’s something like Avast.

thanks for any pointers.

no sorry. there is no EZM or jam discord, but thank u for asking.

this is beautiful! some of the ways that you combined the different effects are really unique. i love it. <3