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there is no progress saving, it doesn't matter

thank you! happy you liked it  ❤️

thank you!! :D
the files for the music are included in the MISC > OST > DIY folder when you download the game. There are extras in the MISC folder and audio is one of them...
tho most all of the audio is procedurally assembled so that's why it's in a DIY folder, unless there are better ways of releasing soundtracks that are procedural.

NP! Happy you are interested. Also @moshboy on Twitter is really cool source to follow. Totally forgot that one. If u ever have questions u can also twitter message me @alienmelon and I’ll be happy to help.

Hi! Thank you!

Here's a small list of some places, and people, that are contributing valuable insights or work to the discussion. I mean, there is a lot, but these are a good place to start.

http://www.critical-distance.com/ does great roundups of the best of insights about games, and more nuanced discussion.

Liz Ryerson's writing is really good http://ellaguro.blogspot.com/
her twitter is great to follow: https://twitter.com/ellaguro?lang=en
also her "Beyond The Filter" podcast is super insightful (totally recommend this):

Lana Polansky's writing is good too: https://lanathegun.wordpress.com/published-writing/
also: http://sufficientlyhuman.com/

Leigh Alexander's older commentary on games is still super relevant and amazing. She's very following on twitter too: https://twitter.com/leighalexander

Some other awesome people to follow (there are many, but this is off the top of my head)...
They make good work, or have contributed valuable things to "the discourse" and other stuff:
https://twitter.com/vectorpoem (often has interesting threads with good food for thought)
https://twitter.com/john (valuable commentary + work)
https://twitter.com/molleindustria (sometimes has good writing)


Enough people have asked that I am going to put it under serious consideration. I can't promise anything tho because I know 0 about linux and only have a general idea of what that would entail. Thank you for asking!
I love that there are so many linux people out there that it would get asked this often. :)

Thank you for these wonderful words! This means a lot to me. Also appreciate you sharing how you felt about it. This gives me a lot to think about.
I think I vaguely remember you. Hi again!
Lol ya that particular space seemed to run very counterproductive to something like this. It is very interesting but probably something that’s going to start coming up more and more as games like this become more common (emotional and vulnerable topics)... We’ll probably have to start giving a lot more thought to properly representing games in the spaces they are curated in. Appreciate some of the discussion that spurred around this topic. It’s been very interesting.

Thank you tho! I am happy that you liked the “game”. ❤️☺️

mobile version has come up a lot, and while making it i did design around mobile (on the basic level) so it would be easy to port. it would not be very hard for me to do, but i know that the guidelines for the mobile stores would very likely not allow this "game".
it's breaking too many of their rules. especially the use of old computer UI's.
i would have to aesthetically change too much, so i'm very skeptical if this would even be allowed on.
i would love to tho, but i have not had much luck with putting my stuff on the App Store (or Google Play).

i just tried downloading it myself and it worked fine (I'm on a Mac tho).
i'll try it on my PC but it seems to work.
if it still fails you can try it from GameJolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/ok/263066

Thank you! Happy you liked it! 💕


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hi sergiocornaga, thank you for this comment. Someone reported the previous (rude) one but I’m leaving it up because it illustrates my point, and irony is a great thing.

just wanted to thank you for saying something supportive. ❤️

Replied to ELS in HELP ME!! comments

yay thank u!

love that u love it 💕

:O yay! :D



and thank u for asking! :)

thank you for the kind words! I'm really happy you liked it.

Yes, you are allowed to make fan art.

I don't know about the pricing but I'll send you a key if it's not free (if I forget feel free to remind me/ask).


awe! <3

haha! thank you for the kind words!
and that's really cool that you showed it to a group. I'm happy to hear all this. <3

:D Thank you!

ffs the only thing this does is spit out random audio and saves art out if you let it. I would never create a virus, or infect my work with one. I made this because I thought it would make people happy, and it would've cute and funny. THIS IS NOT A VIRUS!

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Thank you!

no virus.

100%clean potato.


lol this is really cute
i kinda got into it and can't stop now :}

yes. great art is not to be understood.

oh btw everyone, u need the flash player to play this amazing work of social commentary bc this is a flash game

*(awkward) happy dance*