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no sorry. there is no EZM or jam discord, but thank u for asking.

this is beautiful! some of the ways that you combined the different effects are really unique. i love it. <3

I actually never thought of that before lol. That's a good suggestion. I'll note it down in the (very long) to-do list.
Thank you! I'm happy you like it that much!!

that zine is beautiful! i love the glitch art. yes i added it. thank u for sharing!!

thank you! i did!

ok just did! that one is really cool too. thank u!!

this is amazing. the art is beautiful!

oh thank you! that's really good to know!! i JUST got a new Windows machine and plan on installing Linux so i can finally troubleshoot and get Linux users something that actually works.
thanks much for the answer.

No absolutely not required. What system are you on? Is this Windows??

no you don't, this is a bug. are you using macOS?

i think i just figured it out. let me know if this works...
if you are using Avast, then Avast blocks saving.
you need to add EZM as an exception. here is how:
let me know if this works, thank you.

are you keeping the Electric Zine Maker app on your desktop?
can you try downloading this one and telling me if it's still broke (older version):
i'm having a hard time recreating this on my Windows machine (it seems to work)

yay! :D

holly shit this is incredible. relatable af, thank u for making this. 💖😳

this is very cool!!!

omg this game is so cute!! i love this.

yay!!! thank you for the kind words! that means a lot to hear!!! <3

oh thanks for letting me know. i'll take a look.

Categorizing listings isn't something you can do with CSS (CSS can only control elements that already exist on a page -- like you could adjust how icons look...), so this sounds more like something for a feature request for itch.

this is so cool! thank u for sharing!!

I added it!

if you upload your zine to itch, share the link to the itch page with me and I’ll add it.

and thank you! can’t wait to see what u make!!

yes I have a collection of them here:

Tools I found on itch. there’s a lot!

I just fixed this. Thanks for letting me know!

Aaaah lol omg thank you!!! 😆 (love the comparisons)

I missed the deadline for this. Can I still submit the Electric Zine Maker?


Thank you for putting this together!


Are you on Windows or Mac? What system are you running this in? This will help me troubleshoot. Thank you.

what OS are I running this on? Windows? lmk so I can test to troubleshoot.

aw thank you!!!! <3

That’s so cool to hear! I’m happy that it helps. :D

yay! thank you!! happy u like it :D


Thank you ❤️!!!!

aw :) lol yay thank you! i'm happy you like it.
i like that "industrial paint.exe but vaporware edition" xD

thank you!

i have a breakdown of the tech i use to build this stuff here:
anything mentioned in that post would work.
the two devlogs here talk about the technical issues i had (they're both good starting points to know what to look out for)
you won't have a lot of trouble if you target Windows. OSX is difficult tho (for something like this).

it's not infected with anything. it's a false positive.
if you let me know what scanner software it is then i can contact them about it so it gets cleared. thank you.

 ☺️ ❤️!!

thank you for these! i'm going to work off these to fix the resolution issues... probably won't be fixed soon (like the update will take longer), but definitely something i'm aware of.