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Is there a way to customize the info that it shows? For example I only want to show the enemy HP and the text description, but hide the weaknesses. (On a side note I don't understand the weaknesses and where it's pulling that info from.)


Hi there, thank you for purchasing the plugin.  I will upgrade it so that you can customize the info that shows. The weaknesses were element rates of the enemy which has the rate > 100% , while strong, were rates that < 100%

Awesome, thanks! Great work on this so far.  :)


The update is available now, please re-download the file and do a fresh install for the plugin o(≧∇≦o)

Thanks. The toggle function works great! I think there is still a logic bug, because it's rendering the same icon twice for strength and weakness, despite no element being assigned to both redundantly. See attached screenshots.

Oh that's true, sorry, i  fixed that, please try again

Works great now! Thanks so much for making this plugin, and your willingness to fix the bug. :)