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What is the story of the game and can you get all companions and skulls in the demo. By the way really enjoyed the game and I maybe screamed a bit falling off the bridges.

Hi Paul,

Yes you can get all the companions and skulls! Though some are quite tricky to find, keep an eye out for hidden passageways etc.

The story of the game, in short, is you play as a monstrous old god who was banished centuries ago by 5 great beings (you meet one in the demo), and has now returned to reclaim his kingdom using dark music to control the citizens.

Really glad to hear you enjoyed the game! The bridges always catch us out as well haha, they're definitely one of the hardest sections.

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Ok i'm going to play it right now again to find everything and I can't wait for the full game to come out. Thanks for clearing the story up for me, it all sounds great and I do remember the god you meet in the end of the demo.

Good Luck :D and you're more than welcome! 

As a final challenge, see if you can find the rubber duck, he'll tell you secrets if you can.

I'll try to find the rubber duck, but i'm only finding 13 skulls. I'll keep looking though!

Make sure you're exploring both the Upper Walkways and the mines in the first part of the stage :D You might be missing a path!

I went under the bridge into a hole and I can see the duck, but I have no idea how to get to it. Also i'm on my LAST LIFE. PLZ tell me how to get to it before I fall down and lose my life. Yes the game is on as we SPEAK!

Haha oh man, you're actually on the wrong side of the wall to get the Duck, You can get to him after you encounter the boss! Look for the skull that will show you the way!

I got the duck then lost all my lives. Got the duck, lost all lives. Got the duck 3rd time and finally got to listen to everything it says. Now back to getting all skulls.

Nicely done man :D Proud of you! When you get all 20 take a screenshot and we'll post it to twitter!

I got 19 skulls, I have no idea if I missed one or what. I'm going to play again, but when I beat the game with 19 you probally know I was pretty mad! 

Haha we've all been there, I'm gonna guess which one you're missing and give you this hint! Near the comets, they'll give you a lift to your prize, but skewer your plans if you're under them.