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Haha oh man, you're actually on the wrong side of the wall to get the Duck, You can get to him after you encounter the boss! Look for the skull that will show you the way!

I got the duck then lost all my lives. Got the duck, lost all lives. Got the duck 3rd time and finally got to listen to everything it says. Now back to getting all skulls.

Nicely done man :D Proud of you! When you get all 20 take a screenshot and we'll post it to twitter!

I got 19 skulls, I have no idea if I missed one or what. I'm going to play again, but when I beat the game with 19 you probally know I was pretty mad! 

Haha we've all been there, I'm gonna guess which one you're missing and give you this hint! Near the comets, they'll give you a lift to your prize, but skewer your plans if you're under them.

Thanks! I almost did it I'm going to try again right now!

I think I get what to do, but are you talking about jumping on the asteroids?



Forget it. I lost my last life. I'm probally going to try again tommorow. Filledwith RAGE!

Hey Paul! Sorry, sloths need a lot of sleep, even the mega ones and I was passed out.

Try the spiked platforms before the comets on your next go ;)