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Heya! I got your game as one of my Secret Santa reviews! What I do with those is I write down my reactions and thoughts as I play the game so you get something of a "real time" feedback. Here it gooooeeeessss:

Neat looking intro screen

Uh oh, exposition text talking about prophecies! And I can’t speed it up!

At least the people were skeptical of the prophecy. Sort of like how in the real world you get people now and then saying “well, the world will end on blah blah blah date because the ancient Mayans predicted it” and everyone else is like… Yeah, ok, you ain’t getting out of paying your taxes that easily.

Interesting tsunami effect!

Also liked the mountain crumbling.

The people running around in the town though sort of ruin it a little. Not quite sure what it is, but maybe it’s the randomness of their movement.

Ok now the text is going too fast and I don’t get a chance to read it lol

Uh oh, a dark and evil wizard that has monsters emerged!

Why does he want the prophecies from 100 years ago be completed? Wouldn’t that mean his own death? Is he that angsty?

Decent dialogue exchange between the three characters you first meet, though not sure why the guy is like “what has become of Astravia” since Oliver was mugged – I mean, didn’t these people just endure like 100 years of brutal war that divided the entire world? A mugging seems pretty tame and mild in comparison.

I am enjoying the mapping, definitely helps banish the horrible “everything is square” look one usually gets in these types of games.

Did the practice combat – it’s interesting, but not sure what is up with Fury, didn’t seem to get any at all so couldn’t unleash that!

Uh oh, the main character has amnesia!

I like Baldric. He’s a salty one!

He calls himself an old man, but the dude legit looks like he isn’t old enough to drink yet.

Oliver says he should go to Valica to get back to his duties, but he doesn’t remember anything? How does he remember what his duties are? Not to mention he has been MIA for three months, I am sure he has since been replaced.

Now I get to explore the town. I really like the mapping, but the impassable butterflies are a bit silly. Could just make them “above player”/"through".

Interesting – the mayor says he forgot all about the chest out back and that I should take the items inside before the chest rusts away, indicating it has been there for some time. Yet, the bread inside is warm and the apples fresh!

A monster snatched up Jennah and Baldric needs to get a drink at the inn first.

No clue what I just watched, some dialogue that was a little bit angsty and a semi green area that I didn’t recognize. I am assuming Baldric ran into some sort of trouble?

I had no clue the swamp was on the north end of the town (and that the town was RIGHT NEXT TO THE SWAMP, seems dangerous!) – interesting 4th wall breaking memo though about the possible bugs.

The swamp is pretty laggy, lots of events moving around. Overall though I like the mapping, but the pathways could be a little bit bigger.

Fought a couple of bees – seems a bit buggy (lol pun) because sometimes when their little face thing gets to the point where they get a turn, it just skips them and goes back to the beginning.

Looking in my items, Baldric had given me 3 warm milks after the practice session, but they are not in my inventory. Who stole my damn milk?!

Wow, considering how difficult it is to kill 2 bees, I definitely want to avoid combat as much as possible. I mean, I have armor and a shield, but only like 200 health and bees hit for 30 damage each and they get to go two times per my one turn pretty much. Not cool!

Aaaand that’s it. I found the sign post where Baldric would otherwise be. This is a very short game!

Overall thoughts - game definitely needs more! But I assume you already knew that part. It took me maybe 15 minutes to get to where Baldric planted his sign. But what you have here a solid presentation of what the game could potentially become. The dialogue is decent, the mapping is solid, the combat, if balanced, could be pretty good. I hope you run with it and keep working on this! Good luck!

Thanks so much for the review!

The whole intro sequence can actually be skipped by hitting the cancel button, but I need to put something that makes that a little more clear, like some opaque text at the bottom D:

There's SO MUCH more I wanted to do with the first area that explains all of the wacky plot points I set up and didn't explain. 

But I really appreciate the honesty! It was a super rushed attempt to get something out, but I hope you'll check it out when I post an update fixing all the bugs, balancing, and consistency issues. 

I'll be checking out Unsung Heroes soon!


No worries, your game certainly isn't a bad one, it just seems like it didn't have enough time to bake in the proverbial oven - but honestly, there are almost no games in this contest that don't feel like that in some respect or another!

It didn't! Much more baking required...the dough was still raw. 

It was my fault for planning something so ambitious. My goal was to have that whole starting area & quest completed but...time was the enemy. I am glad people are giving me the same consensus: "Seems like it's good, if only there was more..." It really motivates me to continue the project, so thank you!