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Looking for a team!

1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?

What's up! My name's Elaine, and I'm a 21 y/o recently graduated concept artist. I currently specialize in stylized environments but would like to create a game of my own some day.

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?

I have not, this will be my first time :)
As a concept artist, my job is to create images but I've grown unsatisfied with just painting. Now I want to do even more and take it to the next level of playable pictures. I've started a personal project called Nascent (it's still in its baby stages) but I'd like to use it as a base for learning game dev and eventually make it into a game in the future.

My college was quite small so I also want to make new friends that also enjoy suffering for the love of expressing art :3c

3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?

I look up to games that make you feel nice but also awful, all in the lesson of learning, self-reflecting or just feeling something.
Some favorites are Journey, Shadow of the Colossus, Monument Valley, the Beginner's Guide, and Ori and the Blind Forest and Viridi. They all inspire me to tell a story than anyone can relate to, because we all feel loneliness, guilt and frustration but also hope and happiness.

I also volunteer at IndieCade and it's inspiring to hear the stories of the devs on how their small ideas and stories became a reality. Some of my favorites from them so far has been Mare, Hyper Light Drifter, Overland and Linelight.

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?

I have absolutely no experience with gamedev engines :D ! But that's why I'm here :)

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!

I love nature baths, plein-air painting, listening to music and watching films (and behind the scene stuff). Non-artistically, I like riding my motorbike, watching my orchid mantis eat, collecting plants during travels and challenging myself with spicy food.

Hit me up on Twitter! :D


elaine your paints are so gorgeous!! i'm crying at nascent i can't wait to see what kind of game you make ;;o;; !!


Yaa thanks, J!! I'm excited heh and thanks for hosting this game jam :D

your portfolio is absolutely STUNNING and nascent looks amazing *O* i'm so excited to see more of your work!! being willing to go hard and suffer for the art that you love (and for spicy food lol) is something i totally understand. also, ohhh mannn shadow of the colossus is seriously one of the greatest games i have ever played. i have endless love for sotc.

Ah, thank you!! Super excited for The Last Guardian:D

YESSS, i low key wept when it was announced for real at e3. tlg is finally happening!!! ;u;