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I really like the idea of a platformer spelling game, and I think you've done a great job at executing it. It is very fun to play and there are some genuinely tense moments when you're just barely escaping from the bottom of the screen. I also like how the extra lives were implemented, they prevent the game from feeling too unfair and encourage frantic risk/reward decision making.

The effort you put into the audio is definitely something to appreciate. The sound effects all fit the theme and the music is very charming. Though the volume for the game is a little too low.

The game does have a few minor glitches, though. Sometimes you will get stuck in a wall when respawning or jumping above the top of the screen. Nothing too game-breaking but thought I would mention it anyway.

If you were to update this game in the future, I'd recommend adding a highscore feature. Other than that, it feels very complete!

In short, this game is inventive and a lot of fun.


hey, thanks for the feedback :)