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Thanks for streaming my game, and everyone else's! It's always great to see someone else playing your game to get the new player experience. You can actually spend the money at the shop on the right of the start screen, I think I could have made that clearer by putting the shopkeeper in the center instead. My bad!

Haha thanks. I'm glad someone noticed you can shoot the clouds.

Aw thanks man, glad you enjoyed ^^


Wow, thanks! I was aiming for polish with this game so I'm glad it worked out :)

thanks man :-)

Are web games allowed or is it exclusive to downloadables.

Thanks in advance!






Use the entire keyboard


Looks amazing! Very excited to get my hands on this :)

Thanks for the kind words!

Fun simulation game!

Pretty enjoyable to mess around with for a few minutes. The music was well done and so were the graphics. Overall a nice little game.

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Very cute and well polished game!

The gameplay isn't really anything special, just walk around and jump over some boxes for the most part. However, where this game really shines is it's adorable atmosphere.

The pixel art is wonderful and obviously a lot of work went into it. The art, audio and story are, to me, the best thing about this game. All of it combines into a very relaxing and atmospheric experience.

It's pretty short but I enjoyed it very much and that ending gave me a big smile.

A super fun game with a very interesting mechanic!

I love the gravity flipping mechanic, and the runner-type style fits really well with it. I'm not very good at the game but it's still really fun anyway.

The level editor was very surprising, but it was a good surprise since I love making levels in games! Though it's a little awkward to use and could be more user-friendly. (Also I don't even know if you can play the levels you make?)

The music is pretty decent and pleasant to listen to, though it makes me wish there were some sound effects too.

Overall, it's a fun game with some great mechanics and I really enjoyed it :)

Super neat game!

It's pretty simple but I really enjoyed it. I didn't realize I had to fall down the bottom at first, but after I found out how to play the game it became really fun.

I agree with manicman1999 in that the game is pretty relaxing. Definitely would be nice to have some ambient tunes in the background to really emphasize the atmosphere.

In the end, it's a very chill game and I'm looking forward to more from you :)

Very difficult game!

The gameplay is pretty solid, but could be a bit better explained without having to read a block of text. I enjoyed the ship editing mechanic, but I suck so bad at the game I could rarely get far enough to collect any modules.

I really liked the effort put into the audio too, keep it up! The graphics get the job done and I really can't complain.

Overall, it's an enjoyable experience, but it's very difficult and unintuitive for beginners (in my opinion). Also I laughed a little bit at the "Don't start game" button :)

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Pretty fun and very hard!

The controls are difficult to get used to at first but once you do it feels really good. I enjoyed playing this game though I didn't get very far (only 1 flag)

The graphics are pretty dang good and very fitting, same with the audio. Presentation wise, I think this game excels.

Hey! Thanks for playing my game, and everyone elses. It’s always nice to see your new videos.

i would pay good money for this

Absolutely brilliant game! Enjoyed the game mechanics and never knew what crazy new idea would get thrown into the mix next. Boss attacks were very well telegraphed and never felt unfair, and I loved how all the actions were in sync with the music. Pixel art and audio were spot on too :)

Enjoyable little arena shooter! I like how the enemies fight eachother so you feel like you're part of some giant battle royale war thing. The lack of audio was very off-putting. I suggest going to Chiptone or Bfxr and making quick sounds.

Very polished little platformer! Looking forward to the post-jam version with audio!






First of all I want to say how much I adore this game! The music, sound effects, theme and art are what really make this game special IMO. It kept a smile on my face the entire time. The contrast between the bright colourfulness and the bloody death screen gave me a chuckle too.

Jumping on enemies and collecting their eyeballs was fun, though on one level you bounced so high up that it was difficult to see the other enemies. I also really liked the rolling up walls mechanic, gave it a unique vibe.

The controls took a little while to get used to, my main problem with them is it never feels like there's friction, you just kept sliding and sliding. If you guys are going to keep working on this post-jam, I'd recommend touching up the controls a little. Great game nevertheless :)

I'm really sorry, I just realised that there is audio it's just really quiet lol. Sorry about that...

I always love me some PICO-8 games, and this one is no exception. Super fun endless runner with a ton of replayability. The retro vibes also make this game that much better.

My only small issue is that the player doesn't automatically move backwards with the screen, so it feels like he moves super fast to the right and slower to the left. Again it's only a minor issue and it didn't affect the game too much :)

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Cool game! I liked the gravity flipping and barrel mechanics, it had just the right mix of puzzle solving and execution.

The pixel art was very well done, but the background felt a little underwhelming in comparison. The underwater theme of this game is really interesting, and I think you nailed it.

It's a pretty short game but I enjoyed it and I'm now looking forward to Pipe head :D

Neat little game thingy! I enjoyed staring at the shapes as peaceful music drifted in the background.

Ridiculously fun game! Love the retro graphics and the smooth camera angles. It feels fantastic when you hit the bowling pins. Great job!

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Pretty chill game. The scenery and story were enough to keep my interest through-out the whole game.

Very well polished and entertaining game. It's very hard but the peaceful music and smooth graphics help to calm my rage. It's like Flappy Bird except it's ultra relaxing and peaceful. Great game!

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Neat little relaxing game! I enjoyed walking through the strange castles. Some ambient sounds/music might be a good addition if you ever plan to expand upon it.

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Amazing game! It's very challenging and and an overall great time. The gameplay is introduced in a intuitive tutorial screen that lets you work it out at your own pace which I really appreciate.

The game feel and overall polish is definitely visible here. Every action you take in the game feels like it has the proper reaction of sound and game feel.

The graphics and audio are very pleasant and never feel out of place. Great job :)

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Really, really fun and good looking game! The level generation and highscore board keeps the game from becoming boring.

The graphics are very well done though sometimes it can be difficult to see upcoming objects.

The lack of audio was a little unimmersive, though I'm sure you probably ran out of time before you could make any. Turns out the audio is just really quiet :/

Very cute little game! I enjoyed it :)

Fun game! The gameplay is easy to learn but hard to master, and the music is a nice addition. My only gripe with this game is that you have to use the mouse everytime you die. Other than that though, good game :)


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I really like the idea of a platformer spelling game, and I think you've done a great job at executing it. It is very fun to play and there are some genuinely tense moments when you're just barely escaping from the bottom of the screen. I also like how the extra lives were implemented, they prevent the game from feeling too unfair and encourage frantic risk/reward decision making.

The effort you put into the audio is definitely something to appreciate. The sound effects all fit the theme and the music is very charming. Though the volume for the game is a little too low.

The game does have a few minor glitches, though. Sometimes you will get stuck in a wall when respawning or jumping above the top of the screen. Nothing too game-breaking but thought I would mention it anyway.

If you were to update this game in the future, I'd recommend adding a highscore feature. Other than that, it feels very complete!

In short, this game is inventive and a lot of fun.