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very late reply but thank you!

a score counter that is consistently wrong


wow, thank you for the comment lucas! i really appreciate you taking the time to tell me that :)

i am working on another game at the moment, and although it isn't directly related to star hunt, it is very similar.

it's still in early stages and won't be done for a while, but i'll let you know when it's almost finished if you and your friends would like to help playtest?

thanks again for the kind comment

thank you very much for the kind words!

thanks for the comment!

i believe there's some walkthroughs on youtube if you're stuck.

though, if you wanna try beat it yourself my advice is to try think of what is required for you to beat the level. for example, what state will the level need to be in for you to have access to the goal. and then you can try to work towards that state.



this is how i've always done it:

it's just super stupidly precise.. (also didn't include the last jump since it's pretty self explanatory)

yo thanks for playing! glad you enjoyed it :)

thank you :)

thanks for playing! i'm glad you enjoyed it :)

220 deaths is pretty good for a first run!

great puzzles in this one :)

thank you!


just wait until level 24

that's what we like to see haha

duuude you were so close. that's really dope though let me know how it goes 

fun little platformer :)

cute game :)

the window resizing effects were interesting. not sure if it was intended to work that way but it was definitely unique!

very fun game! love the mechanic, it's very unique. could do with a little more polish but otherwise it was pretty fun

(1 edit)

tried to run the game and got this error: "The code execution cannot proceed because UnityPlayer.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem."

i did reinstall but the error still happens

love the concept! dope graphics (especially the cactus), and nice audio.

 i'm not a fan of how the hardest attack seems to be the most common. i can't seem to find a satisfying way to dodge it either. the other attack patterns were quite fun to dodge though!

thanks for jamming man i did enjoy your game :)

haha, good game man. i liked the art. it was a little difficult because of the limited view. maybe you could increase the width of the camera? it was fun regardless though

very cute idle game :)

i like how the cactus grew overtime

fun little platformer. love the cute cacti art

fun little remake. love the twist as you play as the cactus haha

super disturbing and interesting! reminds me very much of david firth, which can only be a good thing.

good stuff!

i liked it :)

i gave up on the bonus level due to the length but i did enjoy it. 

i didn't like the level where you spawned ontop of a spike. you could try spawn the player on the platform to the right; the challenge would still remain as the player would have to fall down to collect the balloon but it'd take a lot of the frustration out of it.

other than that though it was pretty fun :)

i also liked the little decorations and the secret message in level 1. good stuff.

oh and the angry balloons reminded me of the ghost from spelunky which was cool. not really related to anything but y'know

nice man! i wish you luck

damn i forgot all about that!

so, i had included a few special messages depending on how many deaths you got.

i also asked a few friends for their favourite numbers and a random message to go along with it hence why 22 gives the message "yeet."

gg on beating it with only 22 deaths btw

thanks i appreciate it

wow thank you!

this is really clever i like it

i just sent them an email

i'd love to see someone do this

thanks for the feedback!

honestly that part is just dumb. i didn't realise how hard it was at the time haha. you can definitely get it consistent though

thanks man glad you liked it

this is a good