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this is a good

this is really pleasant <3

simple but well executed :)

this is lovely. i really dig the artstyle too, all the groovin fellas and cute slimes <3

really interesting concept. i couldn't work out how to click on pablo's cot though, and i tried clicking everywhere. good sound and art though :)

really nice art :)

not too sure how to play this, my mouse seems to go invisible and buttons don't seem to do anything? could be a problem on my end though

i played this for so long before realising it went on forever haha, such a relaxing game. took me a while to work out exactly how to play, mostly because of the overwhelming how to play screen, but it's a super chill game and i really enjoyed it :)

super creative idea, good job :)

super well executed idea, i really dig the artstyle too

ahaha i love it, the death messages are great too

love the concept. after a while you can sorta get into a rhythm with it, would be cool if the bubbles shrinked faster over time to provide a difficulty curve but it's still pretty relaxing for what it is :)

this was cool as hell :))

thank you man

this is awesome, great concept executed well. nice sound effects too

awesome concept! windows version works perfectly btw

it's a little hard to use the mouse while using arrows, but this has potiential

this brought a huge smile to my face, great stuff :))

thanks man

thank you! i'll have to make the faces on the clouds more noticeable it seems.

the cloud rising up after it rains was just because i thought it was more fun than sorta static movement, but it's cool to know it's scientific too :)

i like the controls :)

cool take on the idle genre, some nice rain sound effects could make this a really nice experience

great fun! the gameplay is intuitive and fun, feels super polished and i love the lightning effects. good stuff

this is lovely, watching rain droplets on the windows is such a good concept

thank you :)

yep all good, as long as they’re free to use or you’ve bought them then it’s fair game

thank you! that means so much :)

congratulations! i'm glad you enjoyed it :)

i love this

haha thanks for playing :)

this put a big dumb smile on my face i love it

yeah i think the developer would appreciate knowing that a recent update has some bugs tbh

thank you, your feedback is always useful :)

heck tysm :))

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thanks man

thank you, i'm glad you enjoyed it :-)

fun game. combat is juicy and very fun. feedback:

enemies don't really do anything and you can just jump over most of them. you could give them some attacks, like maybe they could do a charge up melee swing at you or something.

ice was a cool addition but again didn't really change how the game played much, if you replaced the ice with normal blocks the game would practically be the same.

camera is good for the most part, but it feels too slow when falling. maybe bump up the camera lerp speed if you're falling from a platform, so you don't fall onto an enemy or spike.

would be nice to have a particle effect when you double jump.

you can't aim behind you, not sure if this is intentional but it's a little annoying. you have to actually turn your character around first.

things i liked:

the combat feels so good, even though you could just avoid most enemies i still found myself killing them because it just feels really good.

audio was good and the art is pretty charming.

the gun shooting effects are all top notch.

overall, i enjoyed it and there's some potential here.

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super cool idea! some feedback:
too many particle effects when you kill an enemy, it clutters up the screen and can be confusing. i think if they disappeared faster and moved faster it'd be a much more impactful effect, and not clutter the screen.

the camera felt a little static, maybe moving it based on the player's position and the mouse position, so you can move the mouse to see further. games like Nuclear Throne and Hotline Miami do this. also some screenshake would be nice.

it's possible to get stuck on the outside border. i was just riding around there and got stuck, wasn't able to turn or move out.

audio isn't great either, but it's still better than none. definitely need some rocket thrust sounds in there.

controls are fine, though it feels more like playing a top down shooter than a space shooter. i think Didolino has the right idea, try slowing down the acceleration/deceleration.

all that being said, there's still plenty to love about this game:
the concept is instant to grasp, which is vital for good arcade games. the core loop of going out, shooting bad guys and returning again can be really really fun.

the shop is a very welcome addition, i'm glad you included it. good polish too. all the upgrades make sense and there's really nothing to complain about here. well done!

the fuel system is great. linking health to ammo is really great idea and also prevents people from just spam firing 1000 bullets. terrific stuff.

the art is very clean and presentable. love the little spaceship sprite.

overall there's a lot of potential here and it's a great concept, would love to see you develop it further.

thanks my dude

thanks! it's a maze, if you're lost i think it means it's working ;)