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Thanks for checking it out! I really enjoy that battle system, though the XP version needs to be pretty much completely  reworked. Original music is definitely #1 on the list of "things this game needs", so in time it will definitely be resolved.

I'm super excited to continue it. I hate how little I have to offer for this contest, so I'm really going to try to add a lot of stuff for my next update.


I think you were able to offer quite a lot! Maybe not in terms of gameplay - but in terms of stylization/branding you did a wonderful job.


Whew, that's a relief to hear! Thanks. I definitely put a ton of time into stylization. There's at least 150 hours of work was just a lot of back-end type stuff like the menu design, cutscene design, planning, scripts, etc that ate a lot of my time up. I think now that the base engine is almost where I want it to be, adding actual gameplay content will go much smoother!