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The description sounded super cool - but the gameplay was terribly unbalanced and unintuitive. I couldn't make it past the second battle regardless of which random encounter I got as the enemies were either way too strong and killed me on the first turn, or had massive amounts of HP I didn't want to spend half an hour chipping away at. If you're going to make a battle-centric entry you should spend a little more time balancing your battles.

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Sounds like you either downloaded the old version or found a bug. has been having issues today, so I think you managed to download a much older version.  In the recent version, your tutorial period is longer.

Hm, alright! I'll try and redownload and give it another go.

Let me know how it goes! I'm hoping that the latest version fixes a lot of the game balance, but there are still a lot of stuff that is overpowered (on purpose).