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Hello Queenie! I'm Alex. This is my first jam and it just so happens that I also want to make a game in Ren Py. I've seen the trailer for that cooking game you're working on and I'm really impressed. 2D animation in games is so needed and t looks so good!

I'm currently drafting ideas for a visual novel. Someone's input on someone who already has experience would be great. If you're interested, feel free to ask and in any case, wish you the best of luck in this thing! Cheerio.

Hi Alex! I don't work on the animations for Battle Chef (I do 2D art for the items, props, and food ingredients) but I agree, I love 2D animation in games too :>

I'm totally open to chatting. I pop in on the forums and the slack channel every so often, and I'll definitely be around when the jam starts. One of my favourite parts of the last game jam was being able to share feedback as games were being made.

Good luck to you too!

Ah, that sounds really cool. The feedbackpart sounds really important for a project that has to progress fast. Maybe I will check the chatroom, thank you.