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Time is running out but I am luckily ALMOST DONE!!!!!!! I literally have the whole game together but I need to check for bugs, fix some bugs uh, and I kinda want to add one more "level" since I wanted this game to be in the 70's and my teacher was like "take about 70s music and that's how you'll get inspiration for original stuff"
but I'm kinda lazy and running out of time so I'm just gonna use the covers of 70s songs I made in Logic Pro X ( which is basically like garage band)

So everything might sound meh cause 70s songs remade in garage band by a kid that's not that good at music but it's whatever it's not like, that bad I guess.
As you can see on the left side of the gif I made a tutorial for the game that will be skippable and the little intro narrative part can be skipped but noooot what comes after the the two (possibly three) levels of the game. 
When I post the little 'demo' there will be quite a lot of unfinished things art wise but like it's ok i guess.

Uh, I think that's all I have left to report. I'm pretty burnt out so I'm going to go to sleep. Next time I post will be when I actually upload the game!!! I'm so excited!!