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A neat example of the essence of board games ported to digital !  The mechanics are smart and simple, easy to understand, not-so-easy to master ! Beautiful yet simple graphics, challenging AIs, I overall really enjoyed the game, though I have some suggestions :

  • When using multiple-action pieces such as the Knight and the Medic, you need to confirm finishing your turn if you haven't used all the actions (which makes sense). But you still need to confirm if you don't have any options left, which is a bit annoying in my opinion. Maybe just skip the turn when you used all the actions or  when you used the most you could. (Hope it makes sense...)
  • It should be made clearer in the tutorial that the black shield starts with 3 HP only.
  • It should be made clearer when pieces are isolated : in my opinion, the closed eyes are not enough (plus, the shields don't have eyes). Isolated pieces could maybe get greyed out, or have a little cross marker on them etc.
  • Two other little visual improvements : the coloured outline for each piece could perhaps be thicker as it can often be hard to see. And maybe add an alternative texture set which would be more minimalistic with only monochrome symbols (such as a crown, a wizard hat, two swords, a plus-sign, a bow and arrow, and a shield) because the different pieces may look very similar in smaller devices (like mobile)

Keep up the good work !

-- Frost

Hey, thanks so much for checking out our game :) I've made a note of your feedback!

One thing I'd suggest you check out is the "auto-advance" option in the settings - this will automatically advance the turn if a Knight or Medic has no attacks left, as you suggest. We didn't make it the default behaviour because in our play testing new players found it confusing, but it's there if you'd like it!