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The Frostburner

A member registered Jun 12, 2020

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A neat example of the essence of board games ported to digital !  The mechanics are smart and simple, easy to understand, not-so-easy to master ! Beautiful yet simple graphics, challenging AIs, I overall really enjoyed the game, though I have some suggestions :

  • When using multiple-action pieces such as the Knight and the Medic, you need to confirm finishing your turn if you haven't used all the actions (which makes sense). But you still need to confirm if you don't have any options left, which is a bit annoying in my opinion. Maybe just skip the turn when you used all the actions or  when you used the most you could. (Hope it makes sense...)
  • It should be made clearer in the tutorial that the black shield starts with 3 HP only.
  • It should be made clearer when pieces are isolated : in my opinion, the closed eyes are not enough (plus, the shields don't have eyes). Isolated pieces could maybe get greyed out, or have a little cross marker on them etc.
  • Two other little visual improvements : the coloured outline for each piece could perhaps be thicker as it can often be hard to see. And maybe add an alternative texture set which would be more minimalistic with only monochrome symbols (such as a crown, a wizard hat, two swords, a plus-sign, a bow and arrow, and a shield) because the different pieces may look very similar in smaller devices (like mobile)

Keep up the good work !

-- Frost

A game full of surprises! Sadly, it's a bit too short...

Really fun little game! It reminds me of Surgeon Simulator and Octodad...
This could become a nice little post-jam game. Maybe add a little bit more of clumsyness in the controls, and make the tasks you have to do weirder and weirder...  (like paying the bill with chopsticks)

Amazing amazing amazing! Really fun puzzle, clever mechanic and clever applications of the mechanic! You included Tutorial Levels, and I liked them! The gameplay was smooth, the graphics were cute (really the proof you don't need 4k graphics for a game to be excellent). I could really see this as a full release post-jam game! The inclusion of a reset or undo function would have been nice though.

Good little game. It lacks a bit of juice (particles) and it should be made clearer that the yellow arrow is pointing to where the Light will go. The music is nice though.

Amazing game! The frantic music, the GLaDOS-like voice, the simple graphics; all contributes into making the game a really enjoyable experience! The controls are a bit awkward though, kept bumping my head against walls...

Amazing game! The graphics and sound effects are nice, the mechanic is well thought, the diffculty curve is well tuned : I loved it! I could really see this as a full game with randomly generated levels! The fact that bullets bounce on other bullets is great too!
The only complaint i have is that the ricochets are a bit too random. It feels weird, it's like bouncing a rugby ball... : /

Anyway, good job!

A good take on a classic game. I enjoyed it.

The main issue was a sudden zoom when I was close to a crate.

Real fun! Though it took me some time to realize the order was "3 scoops" and not "3 cones with 2 scoops each". That's because of the icon on the right...

A fun twist on the Game Of Life, with a scent of puzzle... I like it!

I know you didn't have time to do it but it lacks a bit of a smooth introduction though.

Really nice game! The camera is a bit awkward sometimes, but overall, it's a fun and -honestly- a bit addicting little game!