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Does this *really* need Vulkan?

My card doesn't support Vulkan, period.
I'd really like to check this out, but since this requires vulkan (even though there'd be plenty performant opengl implementations) I'm locked out.

I'm assuming you made v-ecs use vulkan as a learning tool, which I can certainly respect (after all, vulkan's shiny, new, and the lower level nature of it lets it be more performant than opengl, presuming it's done properly), but from the comments over here, it's made for a massive bugfest in the comments all over this.

Any chance we could get an OpenGL build of it?

It was definitely a learning experience haha. The whole thing is really just a vulkan renderer, basically. Supporting opengl would mean rewriting the whole thing.

Fortunately, I’ve already rewritten sands of time in a more balanced and fun way, although without the flashy background, as part of a larger project called Kronos. It isn’t public yet but you can see previews of it on my discord server.

Oh, nice! I've been playing 0.22 of Kronos for a little while, so knowing that it's basically incorporated sands of time (presumably into the "Experiment with Time" section) is plenty fine for me ^v^