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It's currently free on the play store (and it *seems* like it's only updated on the play store, not sure if that's on purpose)

Thanks for the hint, it's crazy how well the level hints work for explaining it!

Came across this, am rather astounded by it all!
I'm really hopeful there's custom bomb support soon, or I might have to poke into modding this thing!

The biggest issue I'm seeing is the oddities in the accepted words. I was able to submit "nous" (which is french for... something), but "clop" (like "clip clop" the onomatopoeia for a horse walking) wasn't accepted. Otherwise, this seems to be a really interesting demo and I'm interested in seeing what you do with it!

Yeah, it's weird since I've played pretty much all of their other games, but only this time did I get tripped up by a different chain of logic!

Ohhh, I guess if you think of it in terms of that it makes sense.

I wonder if it's just an oddly worded hint that is parsed wrong by people like me (or maybe just me, idk). Your logic checks out though and is most likely the correct one!

Also, the one with the out of order locations seems to be incorrect, the first two numbers say 3, then 4, but it seems to actually be 3, then 5, then the others (not listed to avoid spoiling it)

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It's apparently not, since it gives the warning at the start. I'm not in incognito mode, and my browser settings should be set to allow usage of localStorage (although that has been acting up a little bit due to some games with horribly unoptimized save files).

I put it down, talked to Fargleton and moved to the next section where I'm taught to move the van around.

EDIT: After manually clearing a slew of data from the hwcdn domain, it works now (it's a fatal flaw of itch's web game system >.<)

Starting with the second seal, I'm never given any sealbreakers, so I can't continue. I wonder if it has anything to do with the 403 errors being thrown in the console:

Source map error: Error: request failed with status 403 Resource URL: Source Map URL:

That's a feature of your browser, actually. It'll slow down javascript on non-active tabs. You can adjust it in your advanced config settings (go to "about:config" as a url if you're on firefox), but it's *generally* not recommended and is thus a rather arcane thing to adjust. You can avoid most of it by opening a new window with the game as the only tab, or just run the desktop version.

Yeah this is a bit of a necro, but figured it'd help to put the answer here!

Spent a bit of time playing around with the basics, enough to get a simple recharge station going.

The UI and UX are... really really rough for the start, since not much is properly explained.

As an example, attempting to place buildings like the recharge station on the ground results in the message "Must be placed on utility drone". It took a bit of experimenting where I tried to put it on my toolbelt drones and on the three drones I started with before I was able to put it on a foundation. The crafting system is pretty neat, but rather cluttered. It's mentioned the ESC menu has help, but I couldn't find anything of the sort (maybe it got removed?) 

All in all, this seems really promising as a prototype and I'm eager to see what happens in the future (especially with things such as hacking, which as I understand isn't a thing yet)

Somewhat unplayable on firefox due to the game not properly locking out the common browser controls (so / and ' can only be traversed once, since it pulls up the search bar and never tells the game the key has been released). Think we could get a fixed version?

Had an absolute blast playing this!

Surprisingly, after failing to start the engine on my first run, I fully beat the game on my second (although I'm sure I missed a lot).

What would be the best way to report some minor bugs?

A rather neat little experience, with some interesting twists!
My only real complaint is that two of the days only progress when you've taken enough hits, despite the asteroid "assault waves" being *just* barely able to be fully deflected.

An... interesting game. Disregarding the language barrier, I found that it seems to be a factorio-clone done in RPG maker! I ran around a little bit, put down some extractors, but am ultimately stuck because it can't load "img/characters/Actor1_Pick.png", which from the sounds of it, is a sprite of me using a pick to mine the resources? I swear I"ve seen this uploaded before as well, but regardless, I wish the dev luck!

VCD isn't really something in the same vein imo. That's a chill cleaning simulator, rather than dealing with arbitrary protocols and computers, flicking levers and pushing buttons and activating terminals.

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I'd considered some alternate ammunition, but you mentioning that does give me an idea to try...

Oh! One thing I am noticing, the levels in the windows build seem to be different at times! For example, level 4 has a more visible mechanism for the exit sequence. I wonder if level 22 was one that was polished a bit more as well (I'm starting a new save because yes :P )

EDIT: I've disabled my targeting computer, used the force, and managed to pierce the barrier! The facility has been saved! I wish to report my success in this operation to High Command, and then return to the training center!

Heh, fair enough!

I tried that, but ended up not making a large enough hole before dropping the boulder all the way down, and it takes ages to get back to that point!

As it is, I'm really liking the focus on logic systems and complex machinery, it's something I don't get to see too often, so thanks a ton for making this!

This was a pretty darn good hacking sim, despite not going the usual direction! Buffer overflows have always been an interesting subject to me, and I'd love to see more of this, especially if we start to be able to see executable code in memory we can overwrite ^v^

An amazing game that's devilishly tough at times!

The game lets you skip a level here or there, but I've been stuck at level 22 for ages, spent many hours on it XD

I'm disarming the runaway miner by taking the top receiver... but I can't put it back afterwards, and I *think* I'll need it to clear the hot steam area (trying to cheese it by carefully dumping it elsewhere with "scooper" vehicles didn't really help). Either way, I get stuck on objective 4, and could use a bit of help!

A very atmospheric experience, although it "ended" when I boosted and ended up clipping into a rock with no way to escape XD

Hey, many thanks!

After finishing off, I found it rather interesting to consider all the fake-outs and the flip of the "facts" that were presented throughout the story. Certainly has its fair share of odd quirks, but an experience well worth having!

Probably the biggest thing I feel this game needs (but would be... interesting to implement) would be some volume control, especially with the higher pitched sounds >.<

Certainly seems really interesting, although ended up running into a bug where I dislodged every part of the totem... except the bottom part didn't move. I checked the livestream, and it turns out they did the same thing I did, the bottom part just bugged out, and climbing as far as I had was already rough, so I'd rather not do it again :P

So no ending for me for now, but it was certainly an adventure while it lasted!

Pretty good, I feel the wheel automation could come *slightly* sooner (maybe unlock it the prior milestone, but it triggers 5-10 seconds after the wheel stops, so you get a massive boost when reaching the current normal).

Also, the grease has the opposite effect on the wheel, no? (Since it makes it stop faster, maybe you're jamming the wheel with the void batteries, who knows XD)

Either way, a nice little incremental that manages to be incremental without being idle (which is a distinction that gets hard to make with many other games)

A really neat but incredibly unforgiving game!

The concept is neat but the balancing is certainly really rough. As far as I can tell, it's all randomly generated, too, so I'm not sure sure if you'd be able to get a big enough party of one type to get the bonuses you'd need.

I ended up needing godmode, just because I couldn't find enough of any one race or class to get the really powerful buffs, but who knows, that may have been bad rng or a fault on my part.

I'd certainly like to see a few other games done with this kind of style, thanks for making this!

Oh, nice! I've been playing 0.22 of Kronos for a little while, so knowing that it's basically incorporated sands of time (presumably into the "Experiment with Time" section) is plenty fine for me ^v^

Does this *really* need Vulkan?

My card doesn't support Vulkan, period.
I'd really like to check this out, but since this requires vulkan (even though there'd be plenty performant opengl implementations) I'm locked out.

I'm assuming you made v-ecs use vulkan as a learning tool, which I can certainly respect (after all, vulkan's shiny, new, and the lower level nature of it lets it be more performant than opengl, presuming it's done properly), but from the comments over here, it's made for a massive bugfest in the comments all over this.

Any chance we could get an OpenGL build of it?

Seems like it could turn out really well, although it seems there's no real gameplay (due to the engine needing the reactor to be up, and that doesn't seem to be complete enough to make power).

I look forward to seeing how this all turns out though, and I wish you the best of luck!

Has some amazing ambience, but got stuck with the military drone. I've found both "encrypted" messages, and believe I've figured the pattern (assuming the sticky note contains the "coded" alphabet), but it seems to not accept it.

In addition, there's some really bad text issues with the drone, with the "investigate the military drone (y/n)" line completely disappearing behind the input box at some resolutions. Z-level funkiness in general appears all the time, with some of the files on the desktop being properly hidden below windows, but the file *name* would be above, confusingly.

As it is, for a gamejam game, it seems really really nice, but it does have some issues (and I'd suggest splitting the builds, because it's massively inflating the filesize by having multiple copies of the game when everyone will only need one!)

When I started playing this, I was rather amazed at the quality and fluidity, but there was a bit of weirdness as I progressed (I've only just beat the lady of the lake)

Firstly: After Richter, I'm just thrown into a battle with Gray, not sure if it's intentional, given that a human is seen running away at the start of the fight (as in, this was a sudden assault that you now have to deal with)

Secondly: Val's name appears in many places it probably shouldn't yet (like the first conversation with Steven has you listed as VX-404 as usual, but the second line you say is listed as "Val")

Otherwise, this seems to be rather well made, and the combat system has a *lot* of intricacies which I can certainly appreciate!

An absolute *masterpiece* of a game, the puzzles were fun, and the fact the game would auto-reset if you softlock yourself is absolutely great!

One minor bug: In the final iteration, you can form SKYNET while EON is erasing you, so apparently in one multiverse sky overwrites eon, but eon then overwrites all timelines :P

Hopefully this won't necro everything, but...

The issue is that the executable flag isn't set. you can right click the file, go to properties, then permissions, then enable execution

For a more "global" solution that'll work, you can cd into the directory and use chmod u+x <filename> to enable it