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Really fun as always, although I question the difficulty of 2 / 5, given how I was completely stuck on the window puzzle and got it by sheer chance (I was trying to replicate moves on the other side of the window, but the moves seem to have a random component, so I really don't get it)

After the window puzzle, things went pretty well, and it was really fun! I rather liked the parallax visuals, although I can see why others wouldn't enjoy it as much!

Blind faith as in first click on the board, or as in "I couldn't get enough information to say for sure which of these two spots it was"?

Hopefully it's the latter, it does bug me when devs make minesweeper that generates immediately, instead of after the first click

I thought the three keycards was part of some required thing, and even after getting the second sword, it makes things harder as much as it makes things easier, as it's now twice as likely to catch a point the "wrong way" and send you moving downwards. I'll keep trying for another 15 minutes, but I may just have to give up on this game again

A rather nice, short game!

A few things that'd be nice:
For the first omega upgrade to also apply ticks, which would make it actually useful (One tick will generally at least double your production, and you'll be prestiging often enough that your points don't stay high for very long)

Hotkeys or other automation, especially later on!

Reordering the achievements so #2 is moved to #5, since it's one of the last ones you get

A timer in-game so you can see if you're on track for #6!

A really fun little game with some really nice music! The fact you can do some more prodding to find two secret tombstones as well as hints and information helps keep it from getting frustrating!

Really nice little game, although I do wish you could collapse some of the 1.1x military multipliers to just "defeated enemies", and I'd like an Energy gain stat. I will also note that I beat it on my second run, only unravelling three secrets, so late game balance might be worth changing!

There's the official adobe flash "projector" player, or projects like gnash, ruffle, or supernova (I think the last one isn't open source, if that matters to you)

Heh, those bugs are always hard to catch, because you're so used to clicking through the tutorial in the proper way, you don't ever end up missing buttons or flubbing movements!

Seems like it'd be very comfy, but softlocked the game twice during the tutorial:

If you accidentally misclick and close the fabric buying window without buying two cotton sheets, you're not allowed to reopen it

My arm twitched a bit right as I finished cutting the first sheet, which seemed to break everything (seems it's known, though)

Ohh, I thought it was required, since I couldn't seem to go down, and I was told to "head to the left", which I interpreted as to that!

Either way, knowing it's optional makes it a lot more bearable, it's just sometimes a pain to deal with the fact that every time I respawn my gear is in a slightly different position, making attempts extremely inconsistent!

I'll repeat that it is pretty darn unique, it's just that, as you said, you got a little carried away, which is pretty easy to do when making something like this ^v^

A rather fun little game with some very interesting platforming, but very much falls under the "dev got too used to the controls" that other games encountered (see the game Nauticrawl, where there's a rather interesting blogpost describing how that was caught). Especially in the gauntlet just left of the starting room, it's a bit more frustrating than rewarding trying to "bounce" on the sword points. Other than that I'm enjoying how the boss fights are structured, the story, and the relatively unique upgrades in this metroidvania!

A very fun and silly little game, although the screwdriver and the hammer were *really* hard to see, so I didn't win until the second time around!

A bit of a suggestion would be to add some randomness for things like the password, and to make it a bit more clear that "cleaning the quantum bridge" just means throwing out the filter!

I guess that'd be post-jam stuff though, so oh well

Ended up getting to the 4th machine before I noped out of there, but I do appreciate the madness that slips in (get it?)

It's got a very Mike Klubnika vibe to it, which is a *fantastic* aesthetic! Thanks for making more neat stuff ^v^

A fun "classic" feeling game! My biggest complaint is that the physics on the last level are... odd. I've "fallen off" of the walls a few times as they send me upward, displacing me and making the timer desynchronized from the possible positions!

A ton of fun, although there were some issues with layers 4 and 7. Layer 4's suggestion to split into equal sized pieces... doesn't make sense, given that the rails are intrinsically different sizes, and even the examples disprove it!

I don't know why trying to solve layer 7 didn't work, but even with the actual grid (I first tried straining my eyes to use the one in the book) and the keyword, neither myself nor dcode were able to produce the correct answer!

You've probably figured it out, but that means you're currently selling 0 of the 2 that you own. Get the cursor over there and then press right to tell it to sell! Don't forget to confirm by selecting "Market" at the bottom!

Heh, I can entirely understand the delay for a fun feature! Honestly, making development fun might result in more development speed than cutting out the content, because motivation is... strange like that!

Thanks for the update, and I look forward to playing it in 20XY, whenever it comes out!

Offline is one option (Some games will detect a high enough delta and engage offline), but just checking the delta and compensating with assumptions (as in, "With X jump boost upgrades, Y clones, Z gravity, and W boost, we should be getting about T resources per second")!

This is a pretty interesting little game, although the red pad is a huge pain to use due to the magnetism, requiring that you get more jump upgrades to counteract the arresting of your horizontal momentum!

Could also use some "tick catchup" to deal with being slowed down by system resources or by being tabbed out!

This was another fun and silly little game! I'm a bit sad about the fact there's no branching or decisions... Therefore, I'll just have to take you up on your "bet" then! Thanks for making more of these fun experiences ^v^

Huh, after a few levels (I think I was on level 7), I load into the level then my character immediately just spins and ascends. When I hit escape and restart the level, it just dips to black and never comes back. Either way, it was a pretty interesting game, although I'm not sure how to feel about the way it's built that you have to puzzle things over, then move incredibly quickly in order to not die!

Seems pretty interesting to toy with, but it seems there's no way to rename files, and they've stated they refuse to run the virus with that filename, so I don't know how to really proceed

The offical flash "Projector" works fine, there's also open source projects like gnash and (better yet), Ruffle, although their AS3 support is still being worked on!

You have to click on the "Town" button in the top right (which is partly blocked by the itch buttons. Reaching the named buttons is easy enough, but the settings button requires you control+scroll in the page itself and makes the game misbehave because the ui code handles resolution changes badly), then you can click to upgrade your max automatons!

I'm finding this pretty interesting, so hopefully you're able to give it a shot and see what you think, too!

Has anybody else been having issues where crafting things sometimes consumes a thing instead? I'm doing the sudoku again (this if my 4th playthrough) and I'll print a memory card, only to find I've gone *down* a memory card when I go to actually imprint the numbers

A really neat concept that I'd love to play more, but the broken pause makes everything *awful*. I'll unlock religion and be locked out of my train for some 20 seconds, during which time the furnace empties and the pressure builds, bringing me incredibly close to failure right away! I also couldn't find where the religion menu *is*, although I hadn't managed to pick up the maxreligion1 upgrade. Lastly the apostrophe seems to be broken, I'm guessing it's a charset issue (maybe it's unicode being turned into ascii or something? It turns into a euro, another symbol, and the trademark symbol, but only during the events, it's fine in the help menu)

A rather interesting (and fun!) little game, although I was confused about quite a lot of the mechanics at first, and I still don't know what's the purpose of the optional area to the far east (I cleared it, but wasn't given a new tool or anything like that)

Oh wow, took me *way* too long to work out that the bottom right is the legend you use for programming outputs! (Heck, took me a while to work out which was salt and which was earth, since I'm out of practice)

Either way, rather interesting, although I think in the Lead to Gold+ I didn't figure out the trick it wanted to teach me and instead solved it the exact same way

A really interesting experience! Sadly the performance still has some issues on the downloaded one, but for what it's worth, the music still stayed in time with everything!

Huh, you might have to look over things, as I literally didn't have the shop until the first time I imploded!

I didn't know the minimum was higher, there was just a lack of documentation about it!

And yeah, the reasoning is that Kelvin is an absolute unit, rather than Celcius which has an arbitrary 0

It could use descriptions on the achievements for what unlocks what. You can't spend any money unless you blow up the refinery first, which seems... bleh, especially since that's not a given (I thought it was one of the first two money achievements to open the shop). Also, Kelvin isn't expressed in degrees, because it's absolute :P

Processing asphalt also seemed to not work, I had over 10kg each of naphtha and coke, but couldn't process it, and didn't feel like spending even more time fooling around trying to figure it out

Okay, this was actually a *fantastic* little game! takes maybe 4-5 hours to go through everything, and actually has some fun unfolding mechanics that many incrementals are sorely lacking in! The ASCII art was the icing on the cake, too!

If, perchance, you happen to make more games like this, know that I'll happily play them all ^v^

jQuery is... a bit on the odd side, I'll admit. It calls itself a library, but its behavior can act more like a framework!

As for the bugs, the tutorial regularly softlocked due to the button to continue being missing (I notice the text is moving off the thing, which might be part of it).

CrazyGames *is* effecting it, as they've disabled the fullscreen function and are pushing many ads that are starting to interfere with the game itself! If you were to pull up a network view and see all of the CG stuff that is being loaded alongside the game.

I would also appreciate it if you could elaborate on the publishing agreement, as you've not done so in any replies yet

That is objectively false, given that you explicitly are using jQuery, and your host (crazy games) is using React. The combination is probably responsible for a lot of the things, but again, I don't know if your publishing agreement would allow you to ditch crazygames to make it actually work on itch (I get the feeling frame security settings are interfering with crazygames, which is disrupting your game as an anti-piracy measure)

A game built with quite a few frameworks despite the description, and the tutorial keeps bugging out with dialog boxes that cannot be closed. It seems the crazygames integration is preventing a lot of things from working correctly. If it's possible (I don't know your publishing contract), a straight-upload to itch would be preferred!

A really fun and chill game, although the top-right flower is still a pain to get to (you can do it more easily with more upgrades, but it's still unpleasant).

As a side note: The mayor really *is* bad for bulk-buying cloned trees! That's something you never want to do because if a disease comes by all of the trees will catch it (if you have enough diversity, even the susceptible trees won't always catch it, herd immunity and whatnot!)

Vice covered the gist of it, but it's worth noting that various platforms have declarations that vore is always considered 18+/lewd content, which can lead to some... problems (for example, if the "prey" is unwilling, like in many 'giant monster eats the neighborhood' pieces of media, that is then non-consensual content, which is.... both a bit unfair to label it as such and also strictly prohibited by many sites!)

The world of vore is *wild* and has an extreme range of kinks within it, which is kind of neat in my opinion!

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Oh thank goodness, you're a lifesaver!

Also... Is there a different way of loading saves? I hit R and select a save file (which are named slots1-3, since I saved three times, but none are called asdf.sav, the name I was prompted for). If I select one of the "actual" ones, I get told "Runtime error 204 at 0071:0E66.", while if I select the window border (which duplicates itself a ton into the slots), I get told "Emulation stopped" in a different font over it

ZOZ comments · Replied to WiL in ZOZ comments

Heh, it seems I'm blessed (or rather, cursed), with finding niche bugs in your games!

Thanks for the workaround and for getting a fix ready!