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Huh, although what about people like the (now) God of Thieves? They have conversations (although we as the outer gods can't see their side of the conversation) and seem to have plans of their own. I'm also still curious about what "BTN" is short for!

Out of curiosity, is it just retconned in that someone possessed by an Outer God loses their memory and ceases to be their own person, or are people like Nikolai just special like that?

It's fun to go back to these [BTNverse] (not sure what that's short for) games to see how TWR has built on the lore

This was a ton of fun and I'm glad you made it for us!

I'm also glad chapter 3 wasn't too required, although thanks to some of the information picked up in a dev room, I might be able to just skip around until I find what I need!

Best of lucks to Shade's new adventure as a father (one that I'm *pretty* sure can't be resolved with overwhelming violence :P)

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Pretty fun, although if you buy "Finally Broken" before bying "Branching Fractures" and "Extra Super Cycles" you badly gimp your progress, becoming suddenly unable to get more than one hypercycle per run (unless you want to spend hours on it)

What I'd probably suggest is making the first effect (Breaking the cycles) only work if you've bought the other upgrades

Nowadays most games are using LocalStorage, although that tends to be cleared at the same time as cookies

Honestly, a really fun point and click!

One thing I think this could really need is the ability to click on notes to have them red out in the chatlog (it was really hard to read some of the notes, so putting them in a standard font would be nice)

I'd also personally like some different conversations when you return to objects, or for it to just be quiet when there's nothing you can do with a given area.

Also, is it just me or did we just end up helping a sabateur infiltrate the area?

imo a very fitting tribute to learn to fly! On my winning run I got somewhere around like 62 seconds, although I think it would be better if after the biggg slope it was just flat ground rather than the cliff face!

A very fun little game to play!

Well, the way this game works makes it more or less the same as, say, a browser window, where cursor locking doesn't gain you much and can impede other stuff. It's mainly an issue in multi-monitor setups like mine.

Oh nice, good on you for thinking of a good way to avoid the softlock!

For whatever reason your game captures the cursor, which is a bit odd.
Otherwise, it seems interesting enough and I'll be curious where you go with it!

Also: What would happen if I softlocked myself by spending too much money on non-weapons?

Any chance we could get a regular binary instead of an installer? For those of us not running windows, it's easier and less messy on the filesystem

Honestly a pretty fun game that I'd love to see a level editor and stuff for!

I do have a few complaints, like how the peristalsis mechanic isn't really explained or even really used. It also is a bit of a shame that all the worms really just stop moving after the first few levels (presumably because the immune cells were behaving badly with it)

Did I end up missing an account switch, or did this get delayed by a lot?

Finally found and played through this game. It was a very intense rollercoaster, so much I hadn't found and yet so exhausting to see what goes next. All in all, I'm very glad you made this, although now it might be time to just lie down and think a while

A rather interesting little game!

I felt like the ending was a bit weak, especially since you can pick up <HYMN> long before Mission Complete. I personally would've liked some more background on the choice behind the names, since it was rather neat to see the first time around!

Honestly really fun to come back to, hopefully we can get a post-jam version that cleans stuff up and maybe adds a bit of content!

I, for one, do love FarmFM and the way you do the worldbuilding!

yeah, still seems to require it. Hopefully firefox will get support for that soon and hopefully we can get google to stop declaring their own "web standards"

it seems the firefox edition still requires SharedBufferArray. Any chance we could get a fixed version?

An interesting way of incorporating real-world tools into a hacking sim, although it comes off as really quite clunky!

Aside from the more-or-less expected prototype weirdness, it was frustrating at how command latency was based on how long terminal history was. Otherwise certainly worth checking out!

A bit of a shame all three of the dives are identical. It also seems bevy or at least window_wgi chokes on some controllers, kept panic!ing unwrapping an Err. Might be worth reporting:

thread 'main' panicked at 'called `Result::unwrap()` on an `Err` value: Error { code: HRESULT(0x80004002), message: "" }', C:\Users\alexe\.cargo\registry\src\\gilrs-core-0.5.2\src\platform\windows_wgi\

The game is really hard to play, with the barely-contrasting colors and the text that doesn't update properly (The shop prices dropped dramatically when I bought a few of them, and my currency text doesn't update when I buy things, only when I gain stuff afterwards), could certainly use a few tweaks to make it more playable!

I'd be interested to see what comes next, but for now it's just too difficult to do so!

An amazing experience, although the final fight seemed a *bit* lackluster (It only lasted three rounds and left two of my elements completely untouched), but the spriting and composing worked really well in this! Good work y'all!

As fun to play today as it was two and a half years ago!

Had a fun time collecting all the endings, too :P

Thanks for letting me hold E to rapidly skip messages, but the fact a few npcs have their default options kick you back or form an infinite loop is a bit of a pain. Here's to hoping the update is still happening, as well as whatever game you happen to make next!

Okay this was a ton of fun! I'd love to see more, especially if your obelisk puzzle skills keep up! (The only thing I got a bit confused on at first was somehow thinking I couldn't use "C" at all in the third area, but that's probably just me being derpy)

A fun game to come back to every so often!

If you don't end up progressing this, I might just because it's such a neat concept!

Yeah, I ended up noticing something giving me a "hidden" welding level to prevent being soft-locked.

Either way, an interesting idea and an experience I'm glad I played!

Rather interesting, although the dual-skill recoveries get weird since it means that one skill can be slightly ahead of another (My leverage is 0.02 behind because I'd started it slightly before I got the leverage ability but I then stopped it to progress in other stuff). The Mechanical Right Arm should probably also still provide a Searching bonus, since I"m guessing the metal detector still works in it :P

Something seems to be misconfigured with this project:
Error The following features required to run Godot projects on the Web are missing: Cross Origin Isolation - Check web server configuration (send correct headers) SharedArrayBuffer - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)

I've not seen this with other godot projects (although I don't recall if any have been web), but something needs to be fixed it seems :P

It only lets you go up to 1200% workshop, rather than the 3000% the text seems to imply. The milestones are kindof neat, but it's not as earth shattering as I would've hoped XD

An absolutely fun little game, capturing some of the fun vibe from skynet simulator!

I certainly hope you keep making games like this!

Sound seems to be broken on this latest build. Anybody else been having issues with the game being silent at all times, even if you toggle sound off and on again?

you might look into how libraries like break_eternity.js work, since those are extensions of floating point numbers (that do things like make the exponent itself a double to expand the limit). It *is* also possible to do some extra math to recognize the disparity and correct for it, but certainly not something worth doing in a jam game :P