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Alright, played the game. After some initial confusion in the beginning, I got the hang of it and started hunting for the upgrades. I got the grab/place item, the thing in the mountain which allowed me to kill the slimes or un (not sure), and then the feather that I don't know what did. I then gave up. 

I could identify two bugs: 1) Explosive jumps where sometimes you reach greater heights. This is due to poor floor detection controls and can be fixed by having the player jump ON PRESS as opposed to PRESSED. 2) Touching walls disables jumping. Don't know why though. Godot makes all this much easier with the premade function is_floor() and on_wall() - or something like that. 

Polish should be focused on more feedback to the player. Like a HUD that shows which items you've collected.

I found the shifting background really well done! Good game for a game jam!


Sorry the notification didn't show up just saw your review!

Thanks :D yeah it was really glitchy I left it like that cause I would have to redo the whole collision, nicely spotted those are precisely the errors and how to solve them! Yeah I'm looking into Godot too cause it seems to have some really cool and well made collision system built in. As for the game I'll make a video completing it I think you have missed the lever toward the right wich is actually hard to spot. Yeah the second power up is the run one.

It's been fun anyway apprecieted to share my game and playing yours :D