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I like this idea. Ranking would have been cool in the jam, but this works too.
Feedback: Your game is awesome after you get the hang of the objective. The mix of a growth and clicker game together played well. The menu items were a bit intrusive as they tended to occupy a good part of the screen. Your gameplay mechanic is very clear and may not require constant feedback on the screen, or even guidance. I would suggest for a game like this, you had a 'show tips' button to disable the menus from popping up.

If you care to check it out. My team made a speedrun game. It is a 3d platformer with a speedrun timer.  EDEN is the game, and it is available for PC.

done! I like it but it might be better to be an explore/puzzle game than a speedrunning game, but it could be me liking slow pace games more lol.