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This is a lot of fun, I really like that a mis-click only slows you down instead of causing the game to stop like in most Minesweeper clones. One simple suggestion: have the correct click sound more different to the incorrect click one, I kept getting an unpleasant jolt of "oh no I broke a fossil!" when I hadn't. 


Interesting. The sounds are placeholder for this prototype, but I feel like I'd use a similar approach in a "full version" of this. The smash sound uses the dig sound, but there's a secondary, longer sound that continues afterward - do you feel like that's getting lost, or do you feel like having them both start the same is what's giving the wrong impression here?


Yeah, it's the start being the same that gives me an unpleasant jolt of "Oh no I screwed up", I realise that's not the case pretty quickly because of the visuals and sound but that doesn't make the jolt less unpleasant.

Alrighty, thanks. I'll keep that in mind.