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I would be interested to see it, yes! My email address is fractalbestiary at gmail.

Sorry about the script not working! Is it working on the default sprite_code.txt file? If it is, can you cut and paste the sprite_code.txt file that breaks it or put it on gdocs or something? If it's not working on the default sprite_code.txt either figuring out the problem may be trickier but I'll do my best :)

This is lovely!

I'll do my best! What part are you stuck on?

Oh, cool! Wouldn't have thought of it as a government meeting room but I can see it :)

This is fantastic, one of my favourite logic games I've ever played.

Thank you so much, I'm really glad you enjoyed the game!

I'm really glad you liked Eleanor's design, as a plus sized person myself it frustrates how little body diversity there is in visual novels, even in games that are diverse in other ways.

This was my first game offering character customisation, it involves a lot of decisions balancing player immersion versus the practicality of making all the art assets etc and I probably wouldn't make the same decisions if I wrote the game again from scratch. It's always good hearing what did and didn't work for players, since I'll bear that in mind for future games. 

Hi, your game looks great, but would it be possible to add back the "autoplay" button renpy includes by default? Or is there on I'm not seeing? Having to click through every line is causing me too much wrist pain to continue, which is sad because I was really excited to play!

Thank you! I'd love to see any games you make with them :)

...that is a good point and I hadn't really thought about it that way. HMM. 

When I made this game my aim was to create space for players to express gender the ways I've always wished I could in other games, which I largely achieved. But one of the things I've learned from players and playtesters is all the other ways people want to express gender in games, that I didn't even think of, and didn't make space for. I'm not sure there's much I can do with this game at this point, but you've given me food for thought for what I'll do with future games.

(also yes I am also sad I never managed to get the Isaac/Isabella route to work. They are a love interest in my heart)

Oh no ,thanks for catching that about hero/heroine! I'll go try and fix that now.

You have to dress as a man or androgynous to DANCE with women, and as a woman or androgynous to dance with men, but can flirt with and get together with both male and female love interests regardless of presentation. 

I tried but hit an error, hopefully I'll figure it out eventually /o\

You're welcome! Link me if you use them in a game, I'd love to see :)

Northanger Abbey is a pay-what-you-want dating sim based on Jane Austen's novel Northanger Abbey, which humourously plays around with gothic romance tropes. You can follow the original plot or or play things very differently. 


  • Two love interests: Henry/Helen Tilney, and Eleanor/Edmund Tilney
  • A friendship path and various bad endings
  • Other characters to befriend- or alienate!
  • Choose your gender and presentation
  • Flip everyone's gender for a Regency England where women rule over men
  • Orchestral soundtrack featuring classical composers, including Bach and Vivaldi
  • Screenreader support, descriptions of music and images, customisable font and text size
  • Walkthrough and guide to Visual Novels

The original demo came out ages ago but I've only just released the full game, and would love to hear what people think! 

It's released under a Creative Commons Share Alike license, but the painted backgrounds are available as a separate download with a less restrictive license.

(also, this is my first time posting to this forum *waves* I hope I did it right!)

Hee, indeed :)

This is super cute and has improved my day :)

Ah, I'm so sorry I took so long to reply to this! Sorry the language is hard to follow, it's an unfortunate side effect of using so much of the original 18th century language. And you're not the only person to be sad about John Smith. We'll see ;)

*nods* yeah, those numbers on the side I understood, it was the ones that showed up later in the middle of the board that confused me. 

I loved this so much! Some really clever and fun variations on the basic picross formula.

This is a cool game but I got very confused as to what exactly the numbers meant, some extra explanation like in your other games would be very helpful!

Thank you! It is still in production but on hold right at the moment while I work on some joint projects that have recently picked up steam. But I have every intention of finishing it eventually. Here's to making Jane Austen gayer :D

Oh wow, thank you! You're welcome to write a paper on it, I'd be curious to see the result! Even if I probably won't entirely get it, I haven't done media analysis essays since highschool and wasn't great at it then. But it's cool to inspire one :D 

Northanger Abbey is a bit on the backburner right now while I work on other projects but is very slowly progressing and I intend to get back to it eventually. Enthusiastic but non-pressury comments like yours are very inspiring so thank you!

 I was going to send you the link to the current unstable build in a private message but afaict itchio doesn't have them?? Anyway, here's the link, it's very rough around the edges but you can romance or befriend both Tilneys.  

Hello! Sorry I took so long to reply, my inbox got a bit ridiculous. Anyway: thank you! I am definitely still working on the game. 

I wasn't drawing on Woolf or Sackville-West consciously, I have read a few Virginia Woolf books but that was years ago and her writing style didn't entirely click for me. But she did a lot of interesting things and soaked into my subconscious, and may have influenced me without me noticing. All the best lines in my game are stolen from Austen, you should definitely check her out! She is alas not very queer, but also not as heteronormative as you might expect. 

I would be utterly thrilled to have  a paper written about something I'd made! (As long as it wasn't, like, "When Adaptations Go Wrong: a Case Study" ;))

Omg this is so great! Thank you! I love it! So glad I have encouraged you to read the book, it's where I stole all the best lines from :) And it was wonderful seeing you enjoy the non binary version of the MC.

I am definitely working on the game still, I took a break to work on another game but now that's finished am planning on getting back to the Abbey. It's going to be a little while before I put out an updated demo since there's lots of little things all over the place I'm tinkering with, but it will happen!

It's a great book. You'll have to play my game when you're done and compare :)