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This is funny on several levels and really well done!  Difficult and yet beneath the humor it carries a deeper philosophical message about trying to balance day to day work life while not giving up on your dream... of playing the piano -because that is the protagonist's calling.  Trying to do both isn't easy, and yet all day he thinks about the piano.   Makes ya wonder if the piano you are playing is really even there or is he just thinking about the piano tapping his fingers on the bar top while serving drinks. O_o  Maybe I read too far into it.  Crap, I'm not a 'deep' person!  No really!  I'm not! was an accidental introspection!  Ahem...  Anyway, awesome game man! xD


You nailed it! It was unintentional planned at first, but I didn't want to change it. Games made with passion really do reflect their dev in the end.

Ha!  I knew it!!!!  :D  errrr I mean, it ummm was a lucky guess... (slowly hides my own piano)