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Hello, I was searching for games made with FreeBASIC on Itch. Then I found your game's webpage. However, the current version is a LÖVE game, not a FreeBASIC game. Nevertheless, your long article about the development of the game is very interesting and inspiring! Thanks.

By the way, the following game jam is for BASIC. Maybe you will be interested.

I might have remained interested in FreeBASIC but the maintainers didn't seem to care about the upkeep of the original QBasic style graphics api. Now it's basically just C with BASIC syntax sugar...doesn't feel the same to me anymore. PICO-8 (and also Love2D) make me feel a bit more like I did as a kid with QBasic now because the apis for these things have a digestible enough surface as to be similar in complexity. Plus, Lua has a few keywords in common with old BASIC dialects, and PICO-8 adds even more (like POKE, PEEK, CLS, PRINT, LINE, PSET, RECT, etc.).

Hi....thanks for your valuable opinion about these programming languages!
My programming knowledge is actually limited. Thanks again.