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BASIC is an easy programming language. It is easier to learn than many other programming languages as BASIC's commands are similar to English and it has a simple set of rules. Nowadays there are many BASIC dialects which are suitable for game development. Many of them are free of charge. I list some BASIC dialects which are suitable for game development here: (But you can use any other BASIC dialects which are not on the following list in this game jam.)

Free Choices:
Microsoft Small Basic ( )
FreeBASIC ( )
QB64 ( )
RCBasic ( )
BlitzMax NG (,7.0.html )
BlitzMax DX ( )
NaaLaa ( )

Paid Choices:
AppGameKit ( )
GLBasic ( )
PureBasic ( )
AOZ BASIC(AOZ Studio) ( )
BASIC8 ( )

The jam will be suitable for any kind of game developer and you will have so much fun in this jam.  Furthermore,  all entrants can share their experiences of using BASIC dialects in the jam. Before the jam starts, three themes will be selected from the following six themes by me.(1. Virus  2. Twisted  3. Afraid  4. Money  5. Together 6. Fog)

Each entrant needs to choose one theme from the three selected themes to develop entry.

The three selected themes are:
3. Afraid
4. Money
5. Together 

The voting will be open to the public. Therefore, you can expect that  a lot of feedbacks will be received for your entries.

Four ranking criteria for each entry will be:
1. Gameplay
2. Creativity
3. Graphics, Sound and Polish
4. Interpretation of Theme and Completeness of Game

1. Illegal media resources are not allowed.  (Media resources mean sounds, sprites, music themes, etc.)
2. Solo developers or teams are welcome.
3. Only these two types of entries are accepted:
a.) Windows version. (please provide all required files)
b.) Web version. (please provide link)
4. Specify theme chosen when entry is submitted.

Mention the BASIC dialect used by you for developing your entry.

Enter the Jam with Your Favourite BASIC dialects!
Show Us Potential of BASIC & Your Creative Minds!


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a spooky horror game for the VIC 20
Save the world with your wallet!
Game for entry into the Basic Game Jam
Simple game in BASIC for a Jam. Drive a ship and collect coins.