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Very cool. I love how PICO-8 has found itself into the emulation universe and is becoming playable on many devices which support RetroArch. It fits right in!

Sure thing. It's also on the PICO-8 bbs already if you want to grab it from there but I'll upload it here on the itch page.

It IS cool! That's why I made this port! I hope more people find it eventually and play it cause it truly is a hidden gem.

I'm unable to sign in, it says "PlatformNotSupported" after the accounts update.

I might have remained interested in FreeBASIC but the maintainers didn't seem to care about the upkeep of the original QBasic style graphics api. Now it's basically just C with BASIC syntax sugar...doesn't feel the same to me anymore. PICO-8 (and also Love2D) make me feel a bit more like I did as a kid with QBasic now because the apis for these things have a digestible enough surface as to be similar in complexity. Plus, Lua has a few keywords in common with old BASIC dialects, and PICO-8 adds even more (like POKE, PEEK, CLS, PRINT, LINE, PSET, RECT, etc.).

post-jam version still coming? I'm practically dying to play this on my pico-8 pi on my tv and my handheld gpi case LOL

This is astoundingly good. Fast becoming my favorite game on PICO-8, prob because I'm a diehard megaman fan and this has strong megaman vibes. I would very much like to play the cart on my rpi devices, is the game on the bbs? Chipped you some $ anyway cause you deserve it.

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Super fun, addicting game. It's got all the elements of a classic arcade game, with that constant sense of "moving on" urgency. The play control is spot-on. The best part for me is the metal-style soundtrack, it makes me want to headbang while playing. Recommended.