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An update on the matter: My Windows 10 testers can't receive inputs from their controllers either, while the extension is turned on.

I'm finishing this game in Studio 1.4, so I wonder if this issue is unique to 1.4, but works fine on Studio 2? I own Studio 2 as well, but I'm waiting until my first original project to use it; the current project relies too heavily on 1.4's tile system to be ported easily.

If you are using the most recent version of the extension’s example project (I updated it 4 days ago) and a recent version of GMS1 (1.4.1773 or newer), and it doesn’t work, I have no clue - it works fine for me, and worked fine for whomever that proposed this change (further down on the comments page here)

Yes, I am using the new version of the extension, and GMS1 v1.4.9999.

So, if everything's fine on your end, as well as the person who requested the change, then there must be something I need to address on my part, to make my controller code work while the extension is active.

I'll do my best to discover what that is, as well as dig more into how the extension's example handles inputs. The example was a very helpful reference, alongside the docs, in getting the most out of it!

In any case, thank you for your time and confirmation that nothing suddenly broke. You're an outstanding developer, YAL, you do so much for us Game Maker users!

Upon some thought, it might be the change that I made another extension for - I think that made it to 9999: