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Vela Cosmos

A member registered May 20, 2017

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Hello, YelloAfterLife!

While I greatly appreciate that this extension was updated, the GMS1 version of the package isn't a simple "drop in and replace" for Shang Mu Architect (A Freedom Planet fan game I'm working on!)

I deleted the old version of the extension from the project, then clean-imported this update. Most attempts to access the file system, outside the sandbox, crashes both test builds and compiled builds. Either build also falls back on default mappings, because they can't find the config file in the game's directory.

Querying file lists from folders also only half works; the game will display the first five INI file names it retrieved from the folder, but  can't read their contents when asked to, and scrolling further through the file list beyond the second file crashes the game.

For the interim, I've reverted to the older extension and everything seems fine again. Is there something I'm missing?

Yes, I am using the new version of the extension, and GMS1 v1.4.9999.

So, if everything's fine on your end, as well as the person who requested the change, then there must be something I need to address on my part, to make my controller code work while the extension is active.

I'll do my best to discover what that is, as well as dig more into how the extension's example handles inputs. The example was a very helpful reference, alongside the docs, in getting the most out of it!

In any case, thank you for your time and confirmation that nothing suddenly broke. You're an outstanding developer, YAL, you do so much for us Game Maker users!

An update on the matter: My Windows 10 testers can't receive inputs from their controllers either, while the extension is turned on.

I'm finishing this game in Studio 1.4, so I wonder if this issue is unique to 1.4, but works fine on Studio 2? I own Studio 2 as well, but I'm waiting until my first original project to use it; the current project relies too heavily on 1.4's tile system to be ported easily.

So that's what that does? That's neat!

The direction of the circle below the mouse cursor doesn't change for the first controller slot, unfortunately; not for any directions after the first frame of the example launching. So if I held down on the analog stick as it was starting, it shows a long line facing down below the cursor, but doesn't update after that.

I'm on Windows 8.1 still, if that matters here.

This is a great extension! Once I understood how to get the most out of it, it made the window handling for my current project look so much more professional. I love you work, YAL, and your NSFS extension worked wonders for me!

However, for the life of me, I can't grasp out how to make the project detect controllers while this extension is active; I've read in the May 26 devlog that this was fixed, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong-  ; ^ ;

Is there something that I'm missing? All I have is calling "window_frame_update()" every frame, disabled the default window border, and kept the frame size updated to match the window frame every frame, as well, for easy resizing; commenting out the latter didn't help, and I didn't need to use application surface functions to get the results I have. It's just three lines of code at the very beginning of the Step Event.