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No you are right - windows is the correct speed, mac is slow. What are your mac specs?

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Incredible recursion!

Can you try one thing?

1) Right click on the app, select "show package contents"

2) Navigate to Contents/Resources/assets/data/config.xml

3) Find the second line of actual code:

<display width="1280" height="720" fullscreen="false" legacyShader="false" />

Change legacyShader="false" to legacyShader="true"

(be careful with this file, one typo and game CRASH)

Then save the file, close it, and launch the game again.  Let us know how it goes?

did what you did and... i don't remember windows speed, but it felt natural and smooth

weird, that still looks like the default shader.  You set useLegacyShader to TRUE?

lol i guess i didn't change it before :( i did now :) yeah it's nice and fast  !! 


cool, good to know