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Heya, I hate to be a bother but many, if not most, of the journals and notes are still unreadable. The one that appears to be progression breaking (though that is speculation on my end as there may be another way to progress) is in the area after the sled on the floating platforms near the beach. I've played the updated version and it seems to be identical to the earlier one in which ones can and can't be read.  I don't know if you watched my video on it, but it does show each note and journal and whether they can be read up to that point. I have really enjoyed the game so far and hope to see it to completion. Looking forward to an update :)


Thanks so much for sticking along for this mess XD I finally figured out the problem and it was really stupid but im playtesting it and making sure its all good - Il have a final version up as soon as I can :)

(I feel like such a dork since the game was working perfectly when I put it on GameJolt but I had to compress the game assets a bit so i could put it on and my new version of unity messed a bunch of stuff up and ugh)

No worries at all, I'm always impressed that anyone can turn around, find the issue and fix it. I sometimes have a hard time with WASD, space and a mouse.


Haha I just finished playing through the whole thing and everything is working as intended.  The update will be released in around 15 mins! :D


Okay all that chaos is finally over and the final build is complete :)

Awesome! I was just sitting down for some recording, perfect timing! I'll give it a once over real quick and let you know that it's good on this end!



Everything looks good! They really add a lot of nuance to the narrative that I missed in my first episode. I'll add them back in in my next one!

Thank you!

Dude, I just finished the second episode and I'm downright impressed by this game. Was this a solo development?

Sorry for the late reply but yes, this was a solo development.  It took me about a year and a half to complete and is my first "professional" game aka a game i'm proud of :)