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Thanks Alpha, that's helpful. I've decided NOT to remove my video, and if youtube wants to take it up with me they can. After reviewing both games, there are almost no similarities . The developer of the steam game claimed (in the email) that this was a "clone" of his game, so my immediate thought was that the dev here stole his game and uploaded it to That's definitely not the case. Calling it a clone seems deceptive. Anyway, thanks for the info!

Yeah they're totally separate games. I don't think the Dinohazard devs had even ever heard of Dino Hazard. The name is clearly just a homage to Dino Crisis and Biohazard.

Glad I'm not the only one who got contacted. The scumbag is throwing around his trademark notice and he doesn't even have one:

Current status of trademark = "Dead"

The Dino Hazard game seems pretty dead too. He has a YouTube channel, but it's all about dinosaurs. Nothing about a dinosaur game:

The Steam page for the game is here:

Would be a shame if it got review bombed!

We were also contacted. I think the content producer should just be warned about it, but it hasn't been flagged yet.

I'm trying to talk to the developer to better understand what he means.

You don't need to have a valid registered trademark. A registered mark only serves to increase your capacity to defend your trademark. A Common Law mark is sufficient within the US which specifies first to use and first to market. HOWEVER, that doesn't change the fact that we may be looking at trademarks within 2 different countries AND it still in now way changes the fact that the guy is attempting to claim copyright on YouTube videos for a Trademark dispute. Which is still illegal.

Just got this message from the Dinohazard dev: 

"When you completely erase the video, Youtube automatically removes the flag."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that 100% bullshit? A Copyright strike doesn't just magically go away when you delete a video!!

I think the only way it goes away is if you appeal it and you win the appeal.

Hello, I am one of the developer of Dinohazard. Jim tries  to clarify the situation with the Dino Hazard team . Of course the name of our game was an obvious tribute, we were not trying to do any harm.

Sorry for the trouble and Thanks for your support, we really appreciate. 

We believe that the developer of Dino Hazard who contacted us is Brazilian and wanted by the trademarks register organ used in Brazil. We made an search at the INPI and verified that there is a trademark registration with the name Dino Hazard in the name of the person who contacted us.

According to the registration of trademarks, similar or equal names and of the same specification - videogames - the registered name is entitled.

1 - click "marca"

2 - search for "dinohazard" or "dino hazard" em "marca" and press enter.