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The game seems pointless at first and it takes a bit of luck to understand the game. But it's interesting when something happens. Nice!

Interesing game.

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After entering the fireplace and picking up the rockey stick, you need to press the painting button on the right in the living room. However, there is no active button. Nothing flashing. Could it be a bug?

Ending 2.

Nice game. I love the visuals and plot. 

Good game. 

Interesting game. Nice atmosphere. 

Really fun game. 

Really fun!

Great horror game.

Great atmosphere. Really fun game. 

Good game. Final D here:

Ending 2:

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Ending 3:

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Very interesting and fun game. All endings here:

Don't play!

Impressive game. Love the art style and the plot. Really enjoy the work.

Interesting game.

Really fun. I love the gameplay. 

Really impressive and fun game. But its very hard. I need try more times. 

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Interesting game. =D

Love analog horror games.

Ending 1

Ending 3 

Nice game. All endings here

Nice short game.

Nice game.

Great horror game. 

Impressive visuals. Really love the art style. All Letters here: 

Good game but with very dark scenarios at times.

Ending: Boyfriend

Really impressive shoot em up game. Amazing work!

Nice game. Love the gameplay and the survival moments.

I love the new ending. 

Another ending.

Good Ending: 

Really fun and creepy. All endings here.

Nice game.

Really impressive analog horror game. 

Ending: Friend.