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Very hard game. But is awesome. 

Awesome atmosphere.

I got it. You have to keep the jet running. If you release the button it falls.

Look... this one I got really scared huh... Matthew Ager as always bringing another interesting horror series. Congratulations on your game.

I didn't understand how to get to the end of the game. At the end of the level there is something like an exit, but the monkey crashes into the wall.

Interesting game. Can't wait for the next updates. Congrats on your work.

Amazing game. I love the art, 3d models and gameplay. Congrats!

Without a doubt an excellent job, even though it is an exercise. The indie medium lacks many games with the N64 aesthetic (the PSX aesthetic has already been consolidated, now the N64 is missing). And you did something exquisite, everything, absolutely EVERYTHING here takes aesthetics faithfully. My congratulations on your work.

An interesting game, but lacking so many things, in my opinion. But it's understandable when it comes to something made for a game jam. The graphics are really nice. Congrats and keep it up.

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Congrats for a very good (and very challenging) game. 

Good atmosphere and plot. This game deserve more content.

An interesting game. The story is built by putting the pieces together... Two endings already made, now two more to go. Congrats on your game.

The game locked in the end.

Great game. I love the illustrations. 

Without a doubt an amazing game. A very interesting psychological horror, with an almost cinematic style. I had already followed the game through the demo and already thought it was sensational, and the full version did not disappoint. Congrats on your game, guys!

Good Game. Not bad for a Game Jam game. Congrats.

The game has a great atmosphere, however it has a lot of problems, really.

1 - the game sometimes simply doesn't allow you to grab objects.

2 - the game is too dark. Especially on walls where the flashlight doesn't work.

3 - Doors can hold you back.

I tried to play the game several times to bring up the channel's gameplay.

The visuals really interest me and the horror is there. Interesting enough, but mistakes take the fun out of the game.

Amazing game! In a way he reminds me a lot of Bomberman Hero. Perhaps the only downside in my opinion is the lack of more stuff like side quests. The game has excellent potential. Congrats on your game.

Good and fun game. Congrats.

An cool, fast-paced game. I think it would be interesting for him to have an extra ending, like, understand more about who is behind the red messages, understand more about the organization, etc. It would be nice. Anyway, congratulations on your game.

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The plot doesn't say much, but I was interested in it. Interesting game. =)

Amazing game. Congrats and keep it up.

Without a doubt a great horror game with that PSX look we like. Congratulations on your game.

Great game. I love fast paced games. 

Good game. There could be more things going on or more goals, but despite these shortcomings, the game is good. Congrats on your game.

Good and challenging game. The Haunted PS1 community has brought a lot of good stuff since I started following it in 2020. Congratulations on the game. 

Amazing game. Can't wait for more action. Congrats on your game.

Great game. Love the visuals and the tasks. 

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Curious game, but there's too much walking.I had to edit the walking moments in gameplay to make it better to keep up.


Great game, but it could have more stuff, with amazing graphics like the ones seen here and the mechanics of viewing things through a camera, the game has enormous potential for so much more. Congratulations on your game.

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Great game. I love the visuals and the comic feeling. But the hard mode is very bad.

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Ending 3/3. Creepy ending. 

Ending 2/3.

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Great visuals. Ending 1/3

The game has an interesting plot, which is not revealed until you reach the end. I liked the look inspired by PSX games. Can't wait for the final version. Congratulations for the game.

Very interesting adventure game. Can't wait for the rest of the story. Congrats on your work.

Amazing and very cute game. Love the visuals and the gameplay. 

I don't know what ending is this.

Don't Pirate Anime. Its right! 

She Wasn't Your Waifu?