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Great metroidvania game. Really awesome. 

Very interesting horror game.

Very interesting horror game. 


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Simple, short, but interesting. ALL ENDINGS HERE?

Ending 1 

Ending 2

this game is very interesting and have a good horror atmosphere. 

The game is very atmospheric and the plot is great! Congrats!

Good horror game. Very creepy. 

This game is really interesting. I like the Hedinger games. 

Very interesting game. Cute, but with creepy vibes. 

Good horror game. 

Playing again, I managed to catch all the "fish" and even one that I had always been unable to catch. I was impressed with what it was and I think it may have a connection to the game's plot. NO MISSINGS + SECRET.

Very interesting horror game. The part with the parents' discussion was one of the strongest points of the game.

Very interesting and good game. 

Good atmosphore and plot. Really interesting GBC horror game. 

Great game. The creature is really mysterious and creepy. 

I really liked the prototype and it really deserved a full version. The game manages to maintain the nostalgia, the sound effects and the 2D assets, but it transports very well to the 3D world. Of course, it needs some fixes, like the platform walls that have no collision and the jump that doesn't have the game's physics or animation, but everything looks very good. Excellent work.

Great use of psx visuals. Really impressive. 

Very interesting FPS game. The visuals are incredible too. 

I played it again to record some gameplay for my other channel. The Crawler deserved a new video. Congrats!

For those who are still having trouble, here are two videos showing how to get all the Moon Shards and how to beat the final boss and get the true ending of Nightmare Kart. 

Interesting horror game. 

Great horror game. Really interesting. 

This game is really interesting. Nice visuals and fishing gameplay. 

The game is interesting. I really like the PSX visuals and the variety of endings greatly increases the replayability factor. But I would like some things to be explained, like who the creature that appears in one of the endings is. ALL ENDINGS HERE:
Ending 1 

Ending 2
Ending 3
Ending 4
Ending 5
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I started exploring the gothic world of this game and I've been enjoying it every time I win the races and battles. A really well-made, polished game... a true indie. WALKTHROUGH HERE:
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 - Ending 1

Part 3 - Ending 2

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I had to play this game again and I managed to reduce my time considerably. The first gameplay took more than 40 minutes. Now I managed to finish it in less than 30. I'm still curious about the game's plot.

Very interesting and visually well done game. Congrats!

This game is so fun. Nice visuals and good atmosphere. 

It's really interesting puzzle horror game. 

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The plot of the game is really interesting. Nice moments, the scary moments are well done and the knife parts are so much painful to watch. Congrats! 

Very interesting mix of Super Mario World and Metroid. Really fun! 

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Exploring the game further and meeting characters from old games like the famous clown from unlikely. I played a card game and, well, we can see it in the video. There's also the Evil Chester quiz that I managed to answer.

Evil Chester's Quiz

Unlikely Clown & Card Game 

New Gameplay

Exploring the game and really enjoying how the story is told.

Exploring nightmare mode and discovering many secrets and curious characters, as well as references to films and bands. That's Not My Neighbor Nightmare Mode is truly an amazing game to play. ENDINGS + SECRETS:

Very curious and fun game. 

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Very interesting and atmospheric game. The game looks really promising and doesn't seem as difficult as others in the genre I've played. It's quite balanced. =)

This game have a good horror moments. 

Good game. I really liked the connection between the characters and how close the relationship the game creates with the player seems. ALL ENDINGS HERE:
Good Ending

Bad Ending

Good horror game.