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Any suggestions?

Excellent game. Loved how quirky and fun it was, while being creepy. I really liked Lucy lol. Please check out my video. Game #3 :)

If ya get a chance, check out my playthrough. Really enjoyed your game! Very unique and unexpected lol. Loved it. Game #2

Great game. I really liked where it went. Please check out my playthrough if you get a chance :). First game.

Cool game. A longer version would be even more cool.

Excellent game. Weirdly I couldn't open the final door. Was it because I missed the well? Either way, I basically beat it lol. Cool stuff. I really liked the retro feel and music.

Yeah lol super weird. I have an nvidia 3080... a lot of ram. Nothing is usually laggy. But i am using experimental drivers so that could alwaysa be a factor.

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Great game. Creepy atmosphere. The voice acting was also a great touch. I feel like the volume for the voices could have been a bit adjusted. Maybe even cranked up a bit. I had to digitally enhance them in my recording to make them audible. Overall though, so great! I want more!!

Here's my gameplay.

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Hilarious dude. The.. erm.. part at the end actually scared me. Weirdest jump scare ever lol 

Intriguing game with a unique main character. I really enjoyed what I played and glad I continued after my initial confusion. After the smoking scene I thought the game was over.. but decided to reload my save and make sure lol. 

Please watch. play,  subscribe. I've been through hell and back  l

amely. Someone hacked my YouTube and in all honestly, this is my passion. That said, your game was great! Please enjoy.

Team PP all the way. I lol'd at this one. Sorry the screen was a little weird. woops.

Interesting. Seemed a little laggy, but I'm not actually sure it was. I like the whole idea behind it and would like to see more. Good job!

Creepy. Also.. that threat... lol

Cool game. I like the whole lighthouse theme for some reason. Game #1

Awesome game. A lot of tension.  Interesting story too. I liked it.

Played the new version. The jump scare really got me this time lol. Great game.

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Spooky game. It creeped me out a few times.

Horses should wear hats.

Really atmospheric. I'd love to play a longer version.

Wholesome game.

Great game. I laughed when I realized we were using our middle finger to banish ghosts.

Creepy... but great. lol.

Hypnotic gameplay with a deep meaning. I like the game-boy color styled graphics. Really cool.

The game I didn't know I needed. Seriously, lol. This was perfect. It's been hard finding good games lately. This was grrreat.

Really unique game. Cool art style. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Looking forward to future work.

Amazing game. Didn't know what to expect, but I loved it. Apparently found two endings as well lol

Very creepy. I liked it.

I think the only way it goes away is if you appeal it and you win the appeal.

So far no strike from youtube here. Thanks for the cool game.  

Hey.  Love every game I've played by you! Fun stuff. Love the twist at the end.

Undiscovered gem. This game was HILARIOUS. Great songs too lol. You should release a soundtrack. Second game on my video. Loved it.

I like bees. I like this game. Very nice! #1 on my video.

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Thanks Alpha, that's helpful. I've decided NOT to remove my video, and if youtube wants to take it up with me they can. After reviewing both games, there are almost no similarities . The developer of the steam game claimed (in the email) that this was a "clone" of his game, so my immediate thought was that the dev here stole his game and uploaded it to That's definitely not the case. Calling it a clone seems deceptive. Anyway, thanks for the info!

Does your controller work on other games? Mine did this to every game when it went out.