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Does anyone know if there are other games like this?

Interesting game. I really love the found footage theme. The ending took me off guard though, because it came so quickly. Wish it were a bit longer, but still great, and I'd love to see a longer found footage time game from you!

One of the best short horror games I've played in a bit. So good. 

I would suggest adding some save points.

About how long is this game?

Great game, very moving ending. 

Interesting game. Quite creepy. Lots of tension.

Great short horror game. 

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This was so great.  Love th humor. So unexpected. 

Yes <3

Another excellent game 616. I really liked this one. I can't believe how many games you're pumping out so quickly. I'm impressed. And so far everyone I've played has been great. Looking forward to seeing more.

This is a virus

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Always love your games, Corpsepile. This one was reeally whacky. Had a lot of fun playing it.  :) 

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One of the creepiest games I've played in ages!

This was absolutely amazing. I love this style. Is the full version out yet? I saw two different games under your page.. but it looked like the first one was older. Anyway, loved it. If you get a chance maybe check out my video. Thanks!

Interesting game. Not sure I entirely understand the ending, but I have my guesses. I kind of like that it didn't blatantly explain anything. Beautiful looking too. Well done. I'll be listening to the soundtrack tonight :)

Aw man, another excellent game. I love your style. Looking forward to playing more!

Super creepy... with a very dark theme. I can't wait to see more of this game.

Very interesting game. I like how it started in a convenient store and turned into something else. Felt very puppet-comboy.

Haha no problem. I enjoyed it :). Looking forward to seeing your future games. 

Fun stuff. The only thing missing is that we couldn't poop in a urinal.

Lol that was interesting to say the least. He has some nice moves.

This is probably one of the more disturbing games I've played. Which means it was great. I wasn't expecting what happened at all. Hilarious yet disturbing.

I had no idea what this phobia actually meant it first. I was totally taken off guard by the ending. Haha. Fun game

I hate gas station bathrooms. They're not usually as exciting as this though.

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This was great. Super creepy with a pretty unique theme. I loved it. 

This was pretty great. I thought the entity we interviewed was really creative. The plot was unique. I'd love to see some sort of sequel to this.

Thank you for adding Ricardo <3

This was pretty great... lol...

Interesting. Glad I didn't go on for hours. Lmao.

I love doghouse! I think I got all the endings :P

Great game. The end scared me haha. Check out my video if you get a chance please. Thank you!



This was so good. I love the whole side scrolling horror type games. It was also super creepy that in the end it somehow and you my username. Really good stuff. If you get bored, feel free to check on my video. This was probably my favorite one. 

Oh man, I really liked this one. The guy was super creepy. Or girl, actually, now that I think about it. I'm not sure. Loved it though. Check out my video if you get bored. Thanks!

Great game. Kind of felt like a bit of a throwback to the old school PS one, type games. I feel like it could've been a bit longer, I would like to explore some of the outer areas. Really good though. Loved it.

This was really good. I wanted to be that, but I died. I think I almost got there though. I really liked the creature. Also the atmosphere music was spot on. Really cool.  

Cool game. I liked the atmosphere. I also really like light houses, so I had to check this one out. If you get a chance, please take a look at my video. Thanks!