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Creepy game. Love the dark story-line.  Check out my video if you get a chance :)

This was hilarious. Found all endings.. the 3rd first, which was weird lol.

Hey, great game. Love the atmosphere, the story. Zero complaints. Great work.

Great game. Can't figure out what to do with the flower pot though... hmmm lol 

Very Random. Excellent.

Hey, this was awesome. Great job accomplishing the theme goal. I literally sad the exact words right around the end, before I read what the game jam was called lol. Loved it. 

Great game. No complaints other than for whatever reason, your game didn't like my screen recorder (xsplit). Not sure why, but it wouldn't capture your game, haha.. but a desktop grab worked perfectly :)

Very entertaining game. I enjoyed the story. 

Really interesting game. Well written, atmospheric. I enjoyed it.

Really looking forward to it. Do you have a patreon? 

Really good experience. Amazing character models and textures. The whole thing looks great. My only complaint is the same as Niven's, which is the voice acting. Kinda take you out of it. Anyway, here's my video :) 

Interesting little game. I really loved how it looked. Great aesthetics. Also loved the idea of a giant killer spider. Check out my video if you get a chance!

This was weird and fun.. haha. Any plans to add a few more endings? Maybe add some stuff to the game? Either way, enjoyed it!

Great game. As good.. if not better than the first. Looking forward to part 3. 

Here's a video of the good ending:

So far I found 5 signs. Rocket, Sexy, 3:00 - 4:00am (picture of the monster, a tree, the cabin), 5 & 10 with a picture of a gift, and 1%. At one point I was able to get the monster to show in daylight above the hills. How the heck do you beat this?

For the love of god, please give me a clue hahaa

ok found two notes.. 1% and Sexy.. hmm

I am so confused by this game and no idea what to do hahaha. I see the sexy note... but not sure what to do with it? As soon as I get close to that.. thing.. i die lol

Lemme just say, I *love* kermito! Please give my video a like or comment if you get a chance. I'd be honored haha

This might be my favorite game of yours. Gorey, gross.. fun.. corny. Much like the movies of course. Obviously A LOT went into this game and it looks and plays great. Very very impressed.

Gosh, this was so good. I've missed seeing your games pop up on here on itchio. You're probably my favorite developer tbh. Check out my video if you get a chance. Thanks :)

My character gets stuck when I put the second to the last trash bag in the dumpster.. happened twice. Any thoughts?

I was excited when I saw this but by the end I felt like I wanted more. I like the idea, though.

Intriguing.. lol

This was so effective for such a short horror game. Crazy twist too lol. Please check out my video if you get the chance.

God this was so good. Check out my video if you get a chance 🙂

Interesting game. Can you actually escape in the end? I played twice and died at the end haha. Please check out my video and give it a like or a comment if you get a chance. Thanks!

Interesting concept with great voice acting. The overall quality was really great. I left some feedback at the end. 

Hey, this turned out to be great. Very original.

This was a fun concept.

One of my favorite newer games! Game 3 :)

This was weird as hell. I approve. Game #2 :)

Hey this was really interesting. First game! Check out out if you get a chance!

Hey there. Here you go. Left as much feedback as I could at the end of the video. One thing i had trouble with is finding the note required to progress from the restaurant. Now that I think about it, it might have been on the wall or something, but it took me a long time to see it. That all could have been my fault, but there wasn't an indication that I had to find the note to leave through the main entrance after unlocking it, so I thought the game was glitched lol. Hope that made sense. Anyway, video is up above. Nice little game!

Great game. I liked exploring around the mall. I also found the gnome around the corner after recording my playthrough. Is there a story / solution to the person banging behind the wall in Saul's? That was driving me crazy lmao.

Apparently I never saw when this came out here on itchio. Very nice. I enjoyed it a lot. Any idea when the full version will come out?

Pretty good. The jumpscare at the very end got me.. also made me laugh a bit. Nice.

I feel her pain. Also, I love your name. It made me giggle so hard I had to mention it in my video..