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Great little game. My only wish is that it were a bit longer haha. I liked it. 

Lol I honestly loved this. Especially the humor.

Thanks for the tip. Ran into some issues figuring out the second ending, but hope you enjoy my video :)

Hey started to record a playthough of this, but there appears to be a bug. When I click the photograph, I'm stuck in it. When I click the gem, it turns the photo around.. but I can't get out. There's no exit button. Might want to figure that out, or tell me if I'm down something wrong. Thanks!

#3 in my video. Liked it a lot!

Great game with a unique story. Loved it.

#2 in my video

Great game man. I love werewolves. We need more werewolf games.

#1 in my video.

Great game, as usual. Loved how disturbing this one was lol.

Very interesting little game. I liked the concept. Nice job.

Also I was reaaaaaally surprised to see myself on the TV in the game ahah

Although I feel there's room for improvement, this was a really great game. Looking forward to episode 2.

What an excellent game. Reminds me of a really weird one called The Agony Of A Dying MMO. If you haven't played that, I highly suggest it. Anyway, really loved it!

Great game. Thanks for clearing up the storage thing. Another thing I couldn't figure out was using the bandages. Other than that, banger.

Once your inventory is full how do you get rid of extra items? I tried RMB with no luck.

Another great game. Enjoyed it a lot.

Great game. Check out my video if you get a chance!

How do I put things on a plate, or in a pan? Can't get it to work for some reason lol

Hey there. Great game. Thought I posted my video, but I guess I forget. Anyway, here it is haha.

Great game. Every jumpscare got me lmao. Please check out my video if you get a chance! Timestamp is in the description 😊

Hey man. Another excellent game. #2 in my random horror game video :)

Hey. Great game. If you get a chance please check out my playthrough. Timestamp is added to the description. Thanks 😊

Could you make a windows version by chance?

Very interesting game. I like the randomness of it all. Reminds me of my own dreams lol.

For some reason I keep losing my lamp and can't pick it back up again. Is that normal?

Unfortunately you need windows for this one. A downside of chromebook is windows files don't really work in it.

I found this too. I took a right (I believe) outside of the heart area, before crossing the bridge. Went a ways until I found another fence. Climbed it by jumping and kept walking and walking. Suddenly the screen got REALLY bright and here I was lol. Very interesting.

Great game, as always. Super dark. I really liked it.

Good game! Sad it ended so soon.

This is one of the best games I've played in awhile. Loved every minute of it. Check out my video if you get a chance. 

Great job for your first game. WIsh the final scene was a little brighter though. #3 in my video:)

Really spooky game. I quite enjoyed it. Game #2 in my video:)

This was such a great game! Check out my video if you get a chance. Yours is first.

Great concept. Looking forward to seeing more. I left some constructive criticism at the end of my video :)

Really GREAT game. Voice acting, excellent use of ambient sound, really fun story with a wild ending. Good stuff!

Found another ending, so I decided to make a second video. Check it out if anyone is interested.

Great game! Loved the story and the overall atmosphere of the game. Very interesting!

This was an amazing game! Hope to see a final version.

Great game. wish I had more time when I made my video to get the other endings. Check out my video below, where I play the entire PC Cursed Demo Disc. Timestamps included.