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I am actually using scancodes just not (for some reason) not on the WASD...... let me knock you up a version......

Ok, I tried the version you uploaded one hour ago

  • Debug values display : Ok
  • Borders : Nok
  • Lateral animations using mouse (with option enabled) : Nok
  • The game Icon is back (instead of Amos standard icon)

W,A,S,D, are fine to me, don't bother to do a version just for that. But I'm glad to help testing the borders and lateral animation problems. How do we proceed if you want to send me a version ?

I`ll fix the animations and the like in the expansion  and get them backtracked into the original game when I have chance . I am after another tester for the expansion however..... If you want to send me your email over either here or on the FB page we`ll see what we can do

Sorry, I didn't find a way to send private messages with to send my email. Anyway, if you're looking for a tester, you can count on me.

send me a message on