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Wow, this is a complete game basically.

I had major gripes with it thoug, everything is the same drab color, enemies don't stand out from the background at all, for the exception of those yellow alien things.

Even mines look less threatning than the traffic cones, in the game where so much is happening, it's a crime not being able to tell where the danger comes from.

Easy is not that different from normal, it only got noticable near the end of the level.

It is basically complete!  It goes on sale Sept 19th, but yeah I'm aware of the color issues.  Unfortunately I've been without an artist for quite a while.  The next best thing I could do is darken every tile that is a ground tile and see how that comes out.

As for the mines, I did improve them more than they were originally, but maybe they need to blink faster to show their threat level?

Easy mode currently only slightly reduces enemy walking speed, reduces enemy spawn rate from spawners, and makes some boss patterns slightly easier.  Any suggestions on additional things I could do?