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looks really neat ! but needs a linux version :^|


A native version would be nice, but since there's been no response to this an a year, have you considered using something like Wine? I've had some success with it before.

I'm also finding something called Lutris. I haven't tried it out personally, though, so can't say how well it works.

I use wine from time to time. And it works often but not always. I usually don’t buy a game if I’m not sure I can play it… I’ll have a look at Lutris it looks great, thanks for the tip.

Also, I had the opportunity to try Minit Fun Racer on a windows and it’s as good as it looks!

Good luck with Lutris. I hope it works great for you!

I'm eager to try this game. The new bundle has me buried in so many new games 😬


You can also run it via the linux version of Steam, you need to use the Add Non Steam Game to Library function. Once you have added it to the library you right click on the name of the game and change the compatibility to use Proton Experimental.

Lutris / Wine is running fine. All Windows games from the Ukraine bundle i have tried worked fine with wine / lutris

Works perfectly with Proton!