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Love it! thanks for sharing!

Merci d’avoir joué, content que ça t’ai plu :)

noooo i lost so close to the end :’(

Nice use of the theme and good levels. Thank you for your participation!

Challenging and fun! Well done!

The levels are beautiful and I like how you used some of the mote features in an original way! Thanks for participating in the jam!

Oops ! Thank you very much for reporting it. It is fixed.

add a menu where all the comments taken into account in the current version of the game are listed

Like a kind of caption under each image?

Love it <3

Sorry but this game was developed before playdate released their sdk so it currently cant been played on the device ! I will upload a version playable on the playdate as soon as i receive my unit.

Hi, thanks for the feedback (:

Can you be more precise with “position images more accurately”? You can already position images by drag and drop.

Hi, thanks for the feedback (:

Can you be more precise with “position images more accurately”? You can already position images by drag and drop.

Yes, the voting period is a bit short… It will have to be extended for next year.

Thank you very much for your messages,

I don’t deserve much credit compared to all of you who probably spent more time on your tools than I did on organizing the jam. But I’m super happy with the reception the jam is getting and all the entries I’ve tried!

Thanks, I’m glad you liked the jam !

  • I’m going to stay on the rhythm of one tool jam per year, prepare your best tool ideas for the next edition!
  • I hope it will make people want to make tools outside the jam too.
  • Maybe other people will want to organize jams where we create tools.

PS: don’t forget to vote for as many entries as possible during the next two days!



Not necessarily. Personally I like free licenses but everyone does what he wants with his code!

Yes !

No specific format required. Just a python script is fine. you will surely have more testers if you also make an executable for windows, mac and/or linux. But it’s not mandatory.

Yes !

Yes ! Most of the things that end with “maker” are tools. Except for super mario maker :)

This is really cool. And thank you for the alternative download that works when the first does not :) !

Hi, nice font ! thanks

your ïíìî are strange you shouldn’t leave the dot on the i when there is an accent.

hi. having fun with your game.


I use wine from time to time. And it works often but not always. I usually don’t buy a game if I’m not sure I can play it… I’ll have a look at Lutris it looks great, thanks for the tip.

Also, I had the opportunity to try Minit Fun Racer on a windows and it’s as good as it looks!

thanks :)

This one is a bit old and the controls are a bit odd but it should still work. You have to press space to enter the game. Then use the arrow keys to move around and space to open the inventory. In the inventory, use the arrow keys and space to do things…

If it really doesn’t work, I’ll be curious to know which browser you use.

well done, well polished and all. I would suggest a more progressive difficulty curve. Like starting with only four directions before introducing the diagonals. Or wait a little longer before introducing the double projectiles.

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Nice game ! very difficult, but I managed to get a decent score by trying hard and with some luck :)

Love it ! Love your style. I think it’s too bad you didn’t have the time (or the desire?) to make the explosion animation yourself. Your pixel art style is great and the explosion doesn’t fit well with it…

Hi, thanks for the feed back! What do you mean by undetailed ? could the whole game have more details ? or are you talking about the art ?

Hey! the graphics are good and well polished for a dev time of 170min! I really like this little snowman! I feel like the difficulty could be more progressive. Very cool otherwise.

Really fun to play. I like the fact that it’s a bit wtf, the intro, the easter egg in the menu, etc.

The movement of the tree is hard to control but it encourages to stay still which is pretty normal for a tree I guess.

High score : 66 !!