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Thank you for the feedback!
  • The slide width has been adjusted to one block length now as suggested.
  • You can also cancel your whips into a roll or backdash. It is a tech skill that is not conveyed in these kind of games, but if the boss is being an annoyance in this way, I'll see if I can add some knockback to the boss to prevent players from needing to soak damage.
  • It is op yes, as it is the last weapon in the game :) , but if players beat the demo fast enough, they'll be able to play it again with the weakest weapon in the game. I hope people will like the quick easter egg made for demo day if they do beat it fast enough!
  • The text! Yeah, I have no idea why there is antialiasing on it, as Fusion just tries to make it "prettier" for you when it really isn't. A lot of the text is definitely temporary though and I'm looking into workarounds that prevent that from happening.

"It is op yes, as it is the last weapon in the game :)"

Ah okay, then it makes it better. I thought it would be the first and only weapon, but if there's a progression, it's way better.

Great job on fixing stuff, you're the best.